Dr Suzanne Humphries questions traditional vaccines and explains how there has never been a safe vaccine

I have introduced Dr. Suzanne Humphries in another blog. Now in a piece of writing divided into three parts I am going to give transcripts of various interviews which Dr. Suzanne Humphries gave.

Dr Suzanne Humphries has been studying vaccines for many yearsand her opinion about vaccinations is that

there have never been a safe vaccine and there will never be a safe vaccine and it is not possible to have a safe vaccine.

“Vaccination is an attempt to expose the body to a hopefully benign form of the disease so that the body can respond as if it were infected with the disease without getting sick and then can hopefully have memory of that infection for the future if it is exposed to the actual natural infection. The problem is that vaccines do not command the body by and large the same way as natural infection does. For instance measles is inhaled but the vaccine is injected. That means that it has exposure to the nervous system much more quickly through injection than it would through the normal inhalation and processing of the lympathic system. Also the vaccines don’t just contain little bits of the bacteria or the virus or an inactivated virus. It also contains other chemicals that the natural disease would not have. Putting a disease matter into a body and thinking that the manner in which it is going in that is usually through a muscle through the skin using a very unnatural thing – a needle – combined with all the chemicals and antibiotics and things that the manufacturing companies may not even know about at the time they are being injected into a muscle there is no possible way that that can be safe.

When I started to see what was going on with vaccines I pondered why and how. When you start getting the answers you get traced back to the origins of medicine

which began with the Rockefeller dynasty to some degree. And you start to see the origins of the cancer industry and of the medical industry AMA and the vaccines industry – it’s all pretty much the same group and it comes from the same stem. Once we start to see that we are met with a choice point and a really dark night to sit and ponder what we are going to do next because at one point I said: ‘Holy cow! All I know is write prescriptions for people.’

What I learned was not only that I hadn’t learned the full spectrum of information and it wasn’t the only area of medicine in which the people that we are teaching even understand as much as they are needed to understand and to make the statements that they were making there are other reasons – even treating high blood pressure turned out not to be taught to me the way that I want to do it now that I have read more and understand more about the way the body really works.

So if anything once I understood the problems with vaccination I started looking more at other areas of medicine and I think that’s one of the fears the medical system has – that if doctors start to see the big crack in one area that crack will spread to other areas and they will start to doubt the way I did the integrity of the medical system and where the funding is coming into the medical system and how limited our view and our knowledge has been and we are told that so many things are quackery when in fact the things that the medical system calls quackery are what I now see helping the most. So the term quackery needs to be redefined because in the time that I have become a quack myself and my patients became healthier than they ever were at the time when I was not the quack.”

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