The Covid-19 vaccines are procuring complications during and post-pregnancy and stillbirths.

The media acts so naively at times. It gives you a little bit of truth nicely and politely while derailing you from the path of the same truth.
On 8thOctober the Washington Post published an article entitled “Pregnancy complications spiked during the pandemic. No one knows exactly why.”[1]I am going to narrate this article in my own words and give you my thoughts.

In this article the Washington Post narrates the story of Lauren Phillips a 32-year-old Brooklyn attorney who had an easy pregnancy. Her vitals were perfect she felt great eating only vegan food and she was able to walk three miles every day. The only hiccup was that she became infected with the coronavirusin her second trimester despite being vaccinated three timesand being meticulous about masking. This means that Lauren Phillips took the first two doses and the booster while pregnant. Thus it shows that being vaccinated and wearing masks does little to protect you against coronavirus.
It didn’t seem like a big deal at the time — “just like a mild cold ” she said because Covid is the flu rebranded — and her pregnancy went off without a hitch until she gave birth to a healthy eight-pound baby boy in April.

The problems started a few days later. Were these problems related to the fact that she had vaccinated herself three times during pregnancy?
She was nursing her son at home when she felt a “pulse” shake her body and by the time she arrived at the emergency room her blood pressure had risen to a dangerous 160/116. Phillips didn’t realize it at the time but she had preeclampsia a poorly understood pregnancy complication that kills more than 70 000 mothers and 500 000 babies worldwide each year.

The Washington Post adds that “During the 1918 flu pandemic rates of stillbirth soared and babies born during the height of the disaster suffered from higher rates of cardiac and other health issues as adults.”

In the United States rates of the illness had been steadily rising for years but during the pandemic the number of cases jumped according to doctors. Nobody knows for sure why. What can be stated as fact is that pregnant women were given the green light to take the Covid-19 vaccine. One wonders why doctors do not come up with answers after all that medical schooling they receive:

Back to the story by the Washington Post…The mystery of preeclampsia cases like Phillips’ is part of a growing pool of data scientists who are sorting through when it comes to the coronavirus’s impact on reproductive health from a woman’s menstrual cycle and fertility to possible effects on a baby’s development.  On the other hand I remind you that this site has published various first-hand experiences of women relating to how the vaccine affected their menstrual cycle and fertility. Peer-reviewed studies even reported a decline in male fertility. So is this preeclampsia mystery due to the Covid-19 vaccines?

Ilhem Messaoudi an immunology professor at the University of Kentucky said she and many of her colleagues had been surprised by the pandemic’s impact on pregnancy. She like many other researchers initially thought of covid-19 the SARS-CoV-2 virus-caused disease as a respiratory illness and did not expect it to affect reproductive organs.

Instead she and other pregnancy experts have spent the last few years trying to figure out why there has been an increase in maternal complications which were first reported anecdotally and then confirmed in several large studies including an extremely small but still alarming group of unusual stillbirths.Incidentally Phillips was vaccinated three times. “I was naive ” Messaoudi acknowledged. “I’m wondering now ‘What else have we been missing?’”

The Washington Post states that we won’t know the full extent of the coronavirus’s impact on human health for decades.

Actually we won’t know the full extent of the coronavirus’s lie impact on the human psyche for decades and we won’t know the full extent of the vaccines’ impact on human health for decades. The repercussions will be felt and extended to the next generation.

And some scientists and doctors will find it hard to understand how they allowed Big Pharma to fool them because they won’t be able to evaluate the plethora of data concerning adverse reactions together with sudden deaths that the same Covid-19 vaccines are procuring.

Thankfully some doctors are standing up against this greatest pharmaceutical fraud in history:


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