Lovin Malta joins the Times in its quest to normalise heart attacks.

Our local media has the habit to join forces when it comes to pushing a narrative and in order to keep the public numb to the truth it finds ways and means to come up with cover-ups so that this same narrative holds.

Apart from Times of Malta it was Lovin Malta’s turn to normalise heart attacks. How?

In its article dated 20thOctober just two days after the sudden death of Jeanluke Galea Duca and a week after the sudden death of Justin Tabone Lovin Malta published an article entitled “Battling a Serious Heart Condition Maltese Man Left Helpless After Told His Medicine ‘out of stock’.”[1]
The article talks of Daniel Briffa a civil servant with three children who “suffers from familial hypercholesterolemia a rare genetic disorder that increases the likelihood of having coronary heart disease at a younger age.” The media added:

“He suffered his first heart attack around ten years ago at the age of 31 and has since had three other heart attacks a number of cardiac arrests and 11 stent treatments.”

I am not going into the full article and personal experience of Mr. Briffa. The readers can access the article themselves via the link at the end of the blog. And in no way do I want to be misunderstood as I am putting Briffa’s story in question or making him look incredulous. By now people should know that I am here rooting for humanity while saving harsh words of judgment to those who oppress it. The media is one of “those”.

So what is Lovin Malta doing in such an article considering the timing of its publishing? It is trying to normalise heart conditions and heart attacks through:

the fact that Mr. Briffa had suffered a heart attack ten years ago and then three more together with a number of cardiac arrests since then till now.
the fact that Mr. Briffa’s heart issues were caused by “familial hypercholesterolemia a rare genetic disorder that increases the likelihood of having coronary heart disease at a younger age.”

In this way the sudden heart attacks of the young Jeanluke Galea Duca and Justin Tabone won’t look strange and suspicious to the public. It is a way for Lovin Malta to twist the public’s opinion so to make the same public think that heart attacks in the young are common and that they can be caused by genetic disorders.

To add insult to injury Lovin Malta adds:
“Although doctors initially placed his life expectancy at 45-50 years he said he was given new hope following the development of an injection that stops the liver from producing excessive cholesterol.

”Thus Lovin Malta wants to make the public think that injections do save lives and in no way can they cause heart attacks.

To be clear I never said that heart attacks did not occur before. We all know they did. Nor am I against injections as long as their ingredients are 100% safe and are disclosed with proof to their recipients. But I am against the use of mass vaccination by injections that are still in an experimental phase. Being driven by a nefarious lie to take a concoction that is sold to you as safe and effective when it is in an experimental phase is causing “sudden and mysterious” deaths. Some of these deaths are caused by cardiac arrests. This is a different matter.

Seeing a spike in such sudden deaths after the roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccines should be making the 86 billion neurons send electrical impulses and chemical signals to transmit such shocking information between different areas of the brain!

But the media makes sure that not only these neurons do not send impulses and signals but that they remain stagnant and static!
So Lovin Malta has also turned itself into a sponsor of another injection after spending two years pushing for the uptake of the lethal injections of Covid-19!

The issue is not the science. God is the greatest scientist of all and if science had to work by the hand of God we won’t be in this shit that fake and corrupt science has brought us in.


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