Bodybuilder icon who told anti-vaxxers that they can use him as a test dies after taking the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine.

On 14thOctober 2022 The Fitness Volt reported that Doug Brignole a veteran bodybuilding legend and author of ‘The Physics of Resistance Exercise’ died at the age of 63.[1]

Brignole’s career spanned four decades as one of the most renowned bodybuilders competing in the AAU and NABBA and it was marked by a number of significant accomplishments.

Throughout his bodybuilding career Doug Brignole was known for his proportions and shape rather than his size much like bodybuilding legend Frank Zane. Brignole was a bodybuilder known for his cerebral approach and controversial yet revolutionary ideas. He was opposed to common exercises like shoulder presses and stiff leg deadlifts. The 63-year-old still maintained an excellent training regimen and was preparing to guest pose at the AAU Mr. Universe competition on Oct. 22 in Las Vegas.

His death was first reported on various social media platforms.

The Fitness Volt insists on the usual statement which is now commonly used in these sudden deaths: that the true cause of death is still unknown. What the Fitness Volt does not tell you is that the bodybuilder was pro-Covid-19 vaccine and had also taken the Moderna one.

Brignole was one of those who strongly advocated for COVID vaccination. His most recent statement on vaccine safety had been widely circulated on the internet. He had said:

And so Brignole took the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine last year as his Facebook post can prove:


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