The Woke, the Media and Halloween: Once again Fr. David Muscat had the guts to question their agenda

The Left and its media have a way of pushing their agenda. Besides pushing the transgender agenda the woke is now using Halloween as a smaller picture of a bigger picture.

Before I delve into the articles I would like to give my blunt opinion on Halloween. As a re-born Christian and as I grow closer to God I do not partake in Halloween. Call me a bigot old-fashioned traditional…call me what you like.  For me there are no muddled lines or grey areas about it. I am a committed follower of Jesus Christ in His revolutionary and maverick ways.

But I am not one of those who call themselves “spiritual teachers” or “enlightened masters“. Nobody is qualified to teach reality and spirituality. It’s all a big show of a slew of delusory characters by those who play such roles. Spirituality not that which is bypassed is a unique journey. And I do not want to be misunderstood as exhibiting the “narcissism of progress” either. I am a Christian and I will never practise Halloween point blank.

Halloween is given a lot of accolades under the guise of fun but it is spiritually dangerous. Besides having turned into a business what fun is there to celebrate the dead darkness and the occult when we can celebrate the living life and light? And if dressing the kids up with a costume means a reflection of innocence we must be wise enough to differentiate between what is good and innocent as to what is evil. Besides when they are knocking on doors you never know to which portals you are exposing them to. I remind the public that Halloween has its roots in Wicca paganism and witchcraft.

People expect evil to manifest itself in obvious ways announcing its presence and clearly displaying its intentions. Evil is subversive and manipulative duping you into believing it is good and duping you into giving it your consent. Thus people don’t see that Halloween is another esoteric way in which they are giving the enemy a foothold unknowingly so that then he can go ahead with bringing about devastation in their lives.
Are we worshipping God when we celebrate Halloween?

Back to the Woke. Lovin Malta puts Fr David Muscat in the limelight again making him a target of hate speech like “homophobe” from the mob for warning parents that when they let children dress up for Halloween they will be letting the devil into their children’s lives and souls.[1]And where is Archbishop Scicluna? And where is the winner of the Gold Award for Journalism Fr Joe Borg? Don’t they speak in matters which are not of the Woke?

But it happened that two days before Lovin Malta’s article its woke partner-in-crime the Times of Malta published an article that happened to bridge LGBT and Halloween entitled “Malaysian authorities raid LGBT Halloween party”[2]whereby it bashes Malaysia’s religious officers for breaking up a Halloween party attended by the LGBT community and arresting “20 people for cross-dressing and allegedly encouraging vice” which activist Numan Afifi described as “traumatising and harrowing”.

TOM ends the article with:
“The LGBT community has continuously suffered discrimination with conservative attitudes chipping away at the Muslim-majority nation’s one-time reputation for moderation and tolerance.”

Because the LGBT community has now turned into the victim while conservatives (and Christians) are the bullies.

Woke capitalism had also given us a candy ad featuring a genderfluid child who turns to the occult by bonding with his witch nanny to punish bullies that tell him that boys don’t wear dresses. Maybe for you all like Halloween it is a little thing but it is the little thing that speaks a lot.

What is the point of this two-minute video? Genderfluidity is correct and desirable and opposing it is what evil bullies do. That a child suffering from gender dysphoria can seek help from the occult and smite his enemies. According to the Bible God created them male and female but the power of the occult can be used to overcome that prejudice.

This is an aspect of the strange totalitarianism we are experiencing today. We have seen more severe manifestations in cases where physicians academics and others have lost their jobs because they have questioned transgender ideology.

Things like the Twix ad can’t be understood apart from the Left’s overall radical message discipline hidden in the same ad: that there is only one permissible opinion to hold and those who don’t are enemies to be crushed. Our local media is of the same opinion and gives the same message.
This is not an isolated or neutral incident and sadly ordinary people are unable to comprehend what is going on here and this is why this garbage by the media is so effective at changing people’s minds.

In the book “Live Not by Lies”[3]we find the excerpt: “Indeed the Left pushes its ideology ever deeper into the personal realm leaving fewer and fewer areas of daily life uncontested. This warned Arendt is a sign that a society is ripening for totalitarianism because that is what totalitarianism essentially is: the politicization of everything.”

Revolutionary consciousness must pervade all aspects of life. Without hesitation the propaganda war must be waged. And saying “What’s the big deal?” or “It is just an ad” or “It is just Halloween” is not a reactionary attitude.

And no I am not a bigot. I am not a puritan. I am not in favour of bullies and I am not against transgender people.

We will soon cease to recognize our own country. Those who grew up in the Left’s propaganda world will think that those of us who remember the Before Times are weird and those little boys who wear dresses and turn to the occult to defend their sexual indistinguishability are the good guys.


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