Reviewing the controversy that the National Church of Iceland created after featuring a bearded and breasted dancing Jesus wearing makeup

In September 2020 the woke National Church of Iceland featured a bearded Jesus with breasts makeup and a dress dancing under a rainbow in an ad ostensibly intended to encourage children to attend Sunday school.[1]This ad campaign cost the church about $14 800 with the bishop’s office contributing the majority of the funds.

Following the backlash the church removed the woke ad from social media — but not from buses — and issued an apology. However the church argued that depicting Jesus as a woman transgender or anything else is “alright.”

In a statement the Church known as the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland and considered the official Christian church in the country apologized saying: “The 2020 Assembly of the National Church regrets that the picture of Jesus in a Sunday school advertisement has hurt people. The goal was to emphasize diversity not to hurt people or shock them.”

Petur Georg Markan, the woke media representative for the Church of Iceland said “that is positive for Jesus Christ to appear in different forms and that the church celebrates diversity” adding that “In this one we see a Jesus who has breasts and a beard. We’re trying to embrace society as it is. We have all sorts of people and we need to train ourselves to talk about Jesus as being ‘all sorts’ in this context. Especially because it’s really important that each and every person see themselves in Jesus and that we don’t stagnate too much. That’s the essential message. So this is okay. It’s okay that Jesus has a beard and breasts.”

The Daily Mail[2]had called this whole story “Church’s woke advert featuring a bearded Jesus with women’s breasts and make-up sparks outrage”. Without a doubt this advert created controversy. Church minister at Grafarvogskirkja stated that each person interprets something in the ad with some seeing it as “transJesus others as a woman. Some see Mary with a beard while others see a genderqueer individual. Views within the church are as diverse as they are elsewhere.”

Many people condemned the advertisement on social media after it was released with one Facebook user saying that there was a reason why he left the National Church and found another Christian congregation with other comments including the words “tasteless” and “particularly stupid”.
‘Shame on the bishop!’ said another.

‘The church should be ashamed of itself for humiliating Jesus in this way ’ one person said.

For many this is tantamount to blasphemy. This is an abomination.

For me, this is a shame. Besides that this is abomination towards our Lord the Saviour Jesus Christ, the problem also lies behind the deeper agenda that the woke have to deChristianize Europe. This agenda becomes dangerous when it is used to ridicule Christ and the Christians. The woke are attacking Christ and His followers. This is the only reason why I disagree that Churches use such images which may at face value appear innocuous but in truth can have devastating effects as such images can be used by those with evil intent.

I am referring to this example to show that it is not in this way that one combats those who want to create a godless sexless genderless and childless society. What these people are ending up creating is a depressed anxious society where drug addiction loneliness and physical and mental abuse are the order of the day. They are ending up creating weak indebted isolated individuals who are living in a pod and depending on the state for everything.

This is why the church should stop pushing the agenda of the woke through its local media and should stop supporting as has done locally the woke’s agenda.

“This is My command to you: Love one another. If the world hates you understand that it hated Me first. If you were of the world it would love you as its own. Instead the world hates you because you are not of the world but I have chosen you out of the world.” (John 15:18)


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