Dr Suzanne Humphries on vaccinating babies and children – Part 2.

“We are dealing with a huge powerful force that got 200 years of experience – the pharmaceutical industry that has got hold of our governments our hospitals that’s also now pretty much intertwined with our academic system and that’s always how it’s been so they got stronger and they are doing things that are much more unreasonable like vaccinating sick people in the hospital that didn’t use to be done either.

All our lives are at risk now not just the healthcare workers; it’s the people at the hospital and the newborn infants. I mean what these babies have to deal with with their pregnant mothers getting vaccinated. Obstetricians not wanting to take care of them if they don’t accept to get the vaccine; doctors kicking their patients out of the waiting room and they’re not welcoming them if they don’t accept the vaccine. It’s so unreasonable.
And what I am truly hoping to see is people leaving the healthcare system people becoming more creative and out of their creativity starting to build careers and build their own practice in ways that they can still sustain their families.

The inventors of vaccines have chosen a belief system whereby infants are all born with an inadequate immune system and that the only way they can be saved is via infant vaccines and getting vaccinated as quickly as possible via multiple injections. So why do we need multiple injections? Basically because these multiple injections don’t cause the immune response after the first injection that would ultimately be desired by vaccine designers or maybe because each vaccine has its own charge which goes with it and the amount of money that is charged and that it’s worth the administration. So the more vaccines are given the more money is generated.

But also the fact that the matter is is that these young babies have a blunted immune response compared to you or me and that’s one of the reasons why aluminium is added to the vaccine to stimulate that immune response by pulling aluminium into the muscle and calling forth immune cells to react to it which is an absolutely unnatural thing.

So what happens when babies are given the vaccine is that the normal non-reactivity of the immune system is abolished and the non-reactivity then becomes a hyperactivity. This is why we are seeing so much asthma so many reactive airway diseases allergies to peanuts and so forth. It’s because of these injections that these young children are getting not only that they have the disease matter in them but they provoked the immune system in an unnatural way shifting the normal balance of non-reactivity into one of hyper-reactivity.

The exact quote from the New York Times of Dr Lance Rodewald a CDC doctor is that fear is used in order to stimulate the masses to take the vaccines.

[NY Times 27thOctober 2004: “Frightening parents about the consequences of failing to vaccinate their children will most likely be part of the campaign. For that task meningococcal meningitis is ideal.”]

This has been done for a long time through pictures of dying babies pictures of babies with warped limbs from polio and all kinds of visual material given out; there’s usually a consent form that tells you to consent but doesn’t tell you the risks of the vaccine; doesn’t tell you that there may be any other way to deal with the disease if it occurs.

Influenza is a great example and we know that the influenza vaccine is not a highly effective vaccine and even the collaborative database has said that the hype and lack of science around what we see in public in the media and even in medical journals is not consistent with the science that we have.

So there’s not only fear but there’s a lot of misinformation and suppression or I should say withholding of information that is known by those of us to have practiced alternative medicine because we know that nutrition handwashing vitamin C vitamin D selenium are all things that not only can help with viral infections but can also keep the immune system functioning properly.”

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