At the moment there are many good wishes on social media to our Archbishop Scicluna on the anniversary of his consecration as bishop. I enjoy them and send him my most heartfelt greetings. At the same time I wish to remind the readers of two positions he took which prove that he was off the mark. The first one is about our neutrality and the second one is about the covid vaccines. I am referring to these two episodes not in a sense of criticism but as humble advice to the leader of the Catholics to avoid immersing himself in political issues which will do no good to the church.
A few weeks ago he told the congregation at St John’s Co-Cathedral in the presence of the highest authorities on Remembrance Day that “just neutrality should not mean being an accomplice to injustice arrogance and destruction brought about by war. It is not neutrality it is complicity.”[1]
Mgr Scicluna prayed to the Lord to guide those in power in making decisions that honour the lives of innocent victims who died at the hands of politicians’ will. I can assure the public that loads of prayers are definitely needed.

According to the Archbishop the history of humanity shows that people in power have sent millions to their deaths leaving many orphaned or widowed as a result of a destructive war.

He added that whenever he visits the graves of war victims in Malta he always notices the young age at which the soldiers died and wonders why they were denied the opportunity to pursue their dreams and be embraced by their loved ones.

Is he visiting the graves of those victims who died in hospital with the alleged Covid-19 virus and those unsung victims who are dying due to the Covid-19 experimental jabs as well by any chance?

Did he visit all those families sons and daughters like me who were crying in hospital? Did he visit to comfort a daughter like me whose father was being killed by a deadly protocol with the blessing of those in power?

The Archbishop paid tribute to those who died in war saying “and us who are still enjoying our lives… remain in debt with their sacrifice and we pray to God that future young generations do not ask of humanity such sacrifices like it is still the case today.”

The world one day will pay tribute to all those killed with the Covid-19 experimental jabs and with the deadly protocol which was being enforced pre-vaccines rollout and the world will wonder how come many of those in high positions who should have spoken out instead remained with their mouth shut.

In a clear reference to Russia’s draft of thousands of people to fight in Ukraine the Archbishop described the scenes where youths protested against the war and were drafted as “heartbreaking.” Is he aware that the media is fabricating lies about this alleged “war” in Ukraine?

“The answer of those who have absolute power was: do you want peace? I’ll send you to your death. This is happening today while we are here. Today!” the Archbishop said.

Exactly! The answer of those who have absolute power was: do you want to back to normal? Then take the deadly Covid-19 vaccine. This is happening today while you were all there in the cathedral hearing mass when people who have been sucked from their God-given power by those who decided to take all absolute power are being killed by the Axe of Death of the headless powerful horsemen of the apocalypse!

And to conclude I remind Archbishop Scicluna that he was one of those who advocated the Covid-19 vaccine when he urged the faithful to take it once it would become available “to protect themselves and those around them” adding that by doing so we will be cooperating with the health authorities as “this is a concrete expression of love”[2].

I remind Archbishop Scicluna that even though I had been stating it beforehand a Pfizer representative has admitted in the EU Parliament that the vaccine does not prevent transmission meaning that by taking it you are neither protecting others nor yourself especially if it gives you a one-way ticket to the grave! So it was no concrete expression of love!

And I would like to remind Archbishop Scicluna that he never condemned Father Joe Borg of the woke for writing on the official news portal of the same church which should be inclusive of everyone that the unvaccinated are to be ostracized and denied admittance into churches when this was a clear act of hate speech coming from someone who should throw the stone if he is himself without sin!

““Woe to you teachers of the law and Pharisees you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs  which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean.

In the same way on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.” (Matthew 23:27-28)


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