A fabricated climate change agenda is accelerating the introduction of carbon taxes.

Bill Gates the same oligarch who happened to be the founder of the Breakthrough Energy foundation is now pushing for carbon taxes to fund his green agenda. He said that: “The rich countries have to play a central role both funding RD and having policies in some cases carbon taxes will be used to drive the demand for these clean products. And only by doing that in an aggressive way will the economic costs be brought down enough that we can turn to all the middle-income countries and say ‘Ok change your whole cement industry change your whole steel industry’and yet you know it’s not holding you back from you know your economic growth. The number of companies working on these things is very exciting. And some of them will fail a lot a lot of them will fail. But we only need a reasonable number a few dozen of them to make it through and that’s what we have to accelerate.”

A few months later when interviewed on CNBC Gates praised Blackrock and said that carbon taxes are on their way:

“Blackrock and Larry in particular are a great example of private sector leadership. You know anyone who says that climate change shouldn’t be a factor in how you evaluate the future of a company that’s not capitalism because companies that have emissions you know they are going to be subject to border adjustment tariffs or taxes.You also have to think about companies if you’re dealing with severe weather events that’s got to be factored in. Is the company ensuring that? Are they becoming more resilient? So the attacks are kind of illogical because climate does affect the economy which does affect the investments. The idea that we still need oil and natural gas is also fairly clear. We’re not going to drain all the money away from those sectors. That’s how people get work today. It’s how people avoid freezing to death in the winter. And you know people did get a little bit optimistic about how quickly the transition could be done. Now without the Russian natural gas being available in Europe it’s a setback. Now we need to find non-Russian hydrocarbon sources to substitute for those so there’s cold plants running and a variety of things because you know keeping people you know warm keeping those economies in decent shape is a priority. On the other hand it’s good for the long run because people don’t want to be dependent on Russian natural gas so they’ll move to these new approaches more rapidly.”

Actually the people never decided on which gas they are dependent upon and the people are not having any say in that. And in the meantime while Gates and the oligarchs and the governments are playing with people’s lives and coming up with their sinister plans Lidl supermarkets in Germany are piling up on firewood so that people can hopefully keep warm in winter during the announced blackouts and gas rationing:

What is Blackrock? Blackrock[1]is “one of the world’s leading providers of investment advisory and risk management solutions” and it happened to be one of the top investors in three out of the four Covid-19 vaccines along with Vanguard the same vaccines that are funded by Bill Gates.

And who are the “we” to whom Gates always refers to in his speeches?

What is this global climate pricing? Governments have decided to put a price on CO2 to force polluters to cut emissions for investors to assess their risks or for companies to know what costs lie ahead.

But aren’t taxes always passed on to the consumers/customers by increasing the fee rate or price so that the profits of the provider or companies remain tale quale? Haven’t we seen how our government has passed on the new “tax” on plastic bottles in the beverage container refund scheme to the people?


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