The autopsy report found that 24-year-old George Watts Jr died from Covid vaccine-related myocarditis.

The WETM 18News Special Report has reported that the deputy coroner has blamed the COVID-19 vaccine for a Southern Tier man’s death.
What the same WETM media calls a “rare” complication to the Covid-19 vaccine the same complication has turned deadly for the Watts family of Lockwood. Their son George died at the age of 24 after receiving the Pfizer Biontech Covid-19 vaccine according to the autopsy report from the County coroner. Now his family is speaking out and remembering his legacy.

George Watts Jr was a college student described as a homebody and who loved playing video games and being with his family. Since he wanted to take classes in person he needed to be vaccinated so he scheduled his Covid-19 vaccine appointment. His first dose was in August while his second was in September. He chose this kind of vaccine because it was FDA-approved. Then he started to feel sick with a puffed face and a cough.
On being taken to the hospital he was given antibiotics to be treated for a sinus infection only to be taken back to ER a week later since his symptoms had worsened with his feet hands eyes and teeth hurting and coughing blood. His father never managed to take him back to the hospital for the third time.

He collapsed in his room on 27th October and was pronounced dead later that morning. His dad stated that he was healthy and had no underlying medical conditions. His autopsy report from the Bradford County coroner’s office showed that George Jr had died from “covid-19 vaccine-related myocarditis.”

But then the media concludes that although myocarditis is listed as one of the side effects of the Covid-19 vaccines it is extremely rare.

According to Dr Klein interviewed in the same footage “anything that can trigger an inflammatory response can trigger myocarditis. Usually patients present chest pains and sometimes shortness of breath.” Despite the risk Dr. Klein still recommended taking the Covid-19 vaccine because the risk of developing myocarditis is still the same if one is not vaccinated.

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