Not everyone who pretended in front of the cameras being administered the Covid-19 vaccine and the booster really had them administered.
In fact Jean Lassalle a former candidate for president in France but who is still in the world of politics said that he had to undergo four heart operations to fix the damage that the Covid-19 vaccines had caused him.[1]

He admitted to the media portal NTD that his health has drastically changed ever since he thought that he would be protected and thus took the chemical deadly experimental injection.

“The vaccine almost killed me ” Lassalle said revealing that he took the “vaccine from Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) because he felt obliged to do so as a member of parliament.”

Lassalle now deeply regrets his decision because the jab has warped his heart. He added that since Lassalle explained that he decided to take the vaccine because he buckled under the pressure he felt as part of his job and he thought that all his fellow politicians including President Emmanuel Macron would do so too.

According to Lassalle it turns out that neither Macron nor most of the government members nor many of his fellow MPs got injected. Well this does not come as a surprise. I had shown in another blog how there were instances where vaccine shots were filled with saline instead. I have also seen videos of retractable needles being used instead.

Moreover Macron is after all a graduate of globalist Klaus Schwabs’ “Young Global Leaders” programme like other leaders are. And how many more leaders and politicians and MPs are not vaccinated but they pretended so?

This means that many world leaders played a critical role in foisting the pandemic on the masses with the goal of intentionally collapsing the current world order through mass chaos which include the lockdowns climate change the continuous breakdown of supply chains an ongoing energy crisis food and rent inflation and other catastrophes in the making.

And how do you put faith and trust in the masses? By having politicians pretend that they are having their muscles injected with the Covid-19 deadly injection when in reality they were not.


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