When Dr Ben Tapper challenged the medical and new science cult.

While addressing Omaha City Council on Mask Mandate in August 2020 Dr. Ben Tapper was one of those few courageous doctors with a vision who challenged the medical and new science cult while advocating the eight laws of health: good nutrition exercise water sunlight temperance fresh air rest and trust in Divine Power.

One of the reasons why I keep on taking the public back to what has happened during the past two years is to not only keep on giving the readers the truth and education which they were and still are being denied by the media and the authorities but to also keep on giving a historical account of anything that has to do with Covid and its agenda.

His speech was:

“My name is Dr. Tapper. I am in private practice in Omaha Nebraska. I don’t wear a mask I see over 200 patients a week. I come in proximity with every patient that I come across. Why haven’t I contracted this so-called disease?

Americans make up five percent of the world’s population but yet we take in 65 to 70 percent of the world’s pharmaceutical drugs. We are one of two countries that allows pharmaceutical advertisements on television.

But yet 80 percentof Americans are suffering froma chronic disease associated with poor lifestyle choices. 700 000 people will die of heart disease this year alone. 600 000 people will die of cancer. 300 000 people will die of obesity this year. One is enough.

If this is truly about health then mandate healthy living exercise good food choices chiropractic outlaw tobacco and cigarettes and processed sugars.
I believe it was Thomas Jefferson who stated if people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take their bodies will soon be in the sorry state as those souls who live under tyranny.

You see God made your body self-healing celebrating. If you give the body what it needs it can be healthy. It is like a wilted plant that sits under the sun. An allopathic model for that is to shield the sun to protect that plant against the sun to cut off its leaves and to medicate or vaccinate that plant.  But an epigenetic approach a wellness approach is to give that plant water and it can be well.

You see the body is no different. We must eat well move well think well and we can be well. In other words your level of health is the genetic expression of your lifestyle choices. And I know full well that your body’s ability to heal itself to overcome disease and circumstances like corona is far greater than anyone has ever permitted you to believe.

Benjamin Rush in the signing of the Declaration of Independence stated that unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution the time will come when medicine will organize into an under-covered dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others.

That time is now!

These masks have absolutely nothing to do with health but everything done with compliance and with the false flag of the tyrannical agenda. If we sacrifice our precious freedoms for temporary security we will lose both.

If you can’t comprehend that statement if you are blind to this agenda then I am sorry but you have the eyesight of an eagle but the vision of a clam.”

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