MLA Nadine Wilson a Canadian independent politician is calling for the Saskatchewan provincial government to investigate deaths from the Covid jabs.

While the Saskatchewan provincial government in Canada claimed that there have been no deaths in the province as a result of the COVID shots a Saskatchewan independent politician MLA Nadine Wilson is calling for the provincial government to investigate deaths from the Covid jabs.

Wilson stated that the government must “open an independent public inquiry into all aspects of how COVID-19 was handled in this province.”

Wilson stated: “[I’m] astonished at the recent report on the CKOM website that there have been no deaths recorded by the government related to [the] COVID vaccine in Saskatchewan.”

According to Wilson a report she got through a Freedom of Information access request shows there have been as stated by Saskatchewan Health Authority’s (SHA) data a total of seven people[1]who have died from the COVID shots.

She says this information contradicts the Ministry of Health’s information.

“There are seven vaccine-related deaths reported according to the Saskatchewan Health Authority’s own information ” Wilson said.

“Are they intentionally trying to hide information the public has a right to know about? It is the duty of government to make sure citizens know what the true risks are.”

Wilson added that promoting the “shots as ‘safe and effective’ while people are acquiring and then suffering from life-altering conditions is disingenuous at best and potentially criminal.”

She noted that “In that report there are 1, 229 adverse reactions documented many of them life-threatening such as Anaphylaxis Myocarditis Pericarditis and a host of others. Just as shocking in many cases the patients were still scheduled for more boosters even after their reactions. This is not the standard we have allowed for any other vaccine in history.”

According to data from the government of Saskatchewan there have been 1 320 adverse reports associated with the COVID jabs.[2]

Of these 96 have been classified as “serious ” which the government says includes “an adverse event that is life threatening or results in death requires hospitalization or prolongation of an existing hospitalization results in residual disability or causes congenital malformation.”

Data from autopsies show a stronger link between COVID mRNA jabs and heart inflammation than between the COVID virus itself and heart problems.[3]

Furthermore according to two recent European medical studies blood damage explains the many negative effects of COVID shots.[4]

The Canadian federal government along with all provincial governments has been pushing COVID injections on the Canadian people even employing dubious tactics to achieve high vaccination rates.


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