Considering the two court statements which have revoked the firing of the unvaccinated from work will Caritas apologise with me and offer back pay?

On October 25th international mainstream media portals reported that “a New York state supreme court ordered all New York City employees who were fired for not being vaccinated to be reinstated with back pay.”[1]

“Being vaccinated does not prevent an individual from contracting or transmitting COVID-19 ” the court ruled on Monday 24th.

Earlier this year New York City Mayor Eric Adams stated that his administration would not rehire employees who had been fired due to their non-vaccination status. After former Mayor Bill de Blasio implemented a vaccine mandate the city fired approximately 1 700 employees for being unvaccinated earlier this year of whose many were cops and firefighters.

This court’s decision had already been partially taken earlier on Thursday 24th March when the same mayor officially exempted athletes and performers from the city’s COVID-19 vaccination requirement[2]since the vaccination requirement had an impact on New York City sports teams.
Among the media portals that announced this news was The Washington Post[3]. The issue here is that The Washington Post had been bought by Amazon’s owner and billionaire Jeff Bezos for $250 million back in 2013.[4]So why do you think that Amazon is banning certain books that for example question the transgender ideology while the media which shares the same boss did not ban such news?

But it is important to note that the New York state supreme court’s order still allowed a vaccine-only mandate for health providers at federally funded facilities with Justice Sonia Sotomayor denying a request from a group of New York City public sector workers who sought to block their employers’ COVID-19 vaccine requirement on religious grounds just a few days later on the 10thof November.[5]Why such a discrimination?

On 28thOctober Reuters reported that according to new Health Minister Orazio Schillaci (who still believes that the vaccination campaign was good and should not be questioned) [6]Italian doctors and nurses who had been suspended from work because they have not been immunized against Covid-19 will be reinstated soon[7]. Why does this apply only to health workers?

Former Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s administration made vaccination mandatory for teachers and health workers in 2021 and it was extended to everyone over the age of 50 in January of this year. For public employees refusal resulted in unpaid suspension while those over 50 faced fines of 100 euros.

The move is motivated by a concerning shortage of medical personnel as well as a decline in Covid-19 cases. Or is it because of a crisis in Italian hospitals due to the adverse reactions caused by the Covid-19 vaccines? Back in February 2022 the media reported that “on the face of it it seems confusing: data shows there are more vaccinated people than unvaccinated people in ICU in Victoria and New South Wales.” Is this the case in Italy too?[8]Or is it that this shortage in medical personnel is rising from the fact that due to obeying the vaccine mandate many of such personnel have perished or suffered from adverse reactions unable to continue with their work duties?

He added that the new government will also waive fines imposed on people over the age of 50 who have not been vaccinated.  But will these people be reinstated in their former work with back pay?

Now for many these are cases where the truth is finally winning and surfacing. Although it might partially be the case I still feel the need to raise some questions apart from the ones I asked above.

First why did these two courts take such decisions now while failing to question and stop the vaccine mandates at the beginning of their announcement thus allowing the ruining of the lives of many who refused to comply?

Secondly why is this not happening worldwide where mandates were allowed thus having such mandates being revoked by all worldwide courts? In Malta for example the court did not come up with any statements.

Thirdly isn’t this a narcissistic trait and tactic?  We live in a world that is increasingly narcissistic. Many of us have probably become entangled with someone with narcissistic tendencies at some point in our lives whether it was through family friendships work dynamics or romantic relationships. Narcissists have a predatory nature engage in mind games play ping pong games whereby they give you everything to take it back to then give you back a part of it practise gaslighting and abuse. Their subliminal messages keep on living in their victims undermining their clarity and self-assurance.

I think that these games they are playing in taking some steps back are being done for various reasons among which I think of the strategy to make us feel exhausted and confused unable to free ourselves. They want to make believe that nothing has happened and that they mandated vaccines at the time because they did not know that they fail in transmitting Covid. It is their way of making us believe that they are apologising while asking us to forget and forgive – a misguided belief that narcissists plant for their own benefit.

However considering the above will Caritas apologise with back pay for having fired me because I refused to comply with the vaccine mandate and with their discriminated guidelines for the non-vaccinated?


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