Dr Suzanne Humphries on vaccinating babies and children – Part 1.

Dr Suzanne Humphries also uncovered the harm behind vaccinating babies and children. This is what she says:

“An infant’s immune system develops slowly that’s normal. It’s part of the design. There are certain TNFS which are other kinds of immune cells’ secreted chemicals that fire up our immune system that are specifically by nature planted in a newborn.

Vaccine scientists have been working on developing a way to rev these chemicals up because they think nature is flawed because they think mother nature got it all wrong when designing the immune system of an infant that mother nature had no idea how to create human beings that could fight off its own diseases while it was an infant and as it was growing.

These immune chemicals that are not secreted in high levels for an infant are done so purposefully so that the immune system can develop slowly and thoughtfully because the immune system does have a mind of its own. So it has to be able to respond correctly react correctly and give feedback. This is essentially like a mind in that sense. So why aren’t these children all dying? Why aren’t they extremely vulnerable to diseases more so than the vaccine enthusiasts actually say they are?

The answer is breast milk from a healthy mother who is eating a good diet. This is the design. The design is to have these chemicals at a low level in an immature infant being supplemented by mother’s milk.It works for a really long time and it works very well and

what it produces is an immune system that is highly confident in later years and puts forward an immune system that is still confident even in a world full of bacteriathat would require these responses in us because the mother is able to essentially protect the baby and his body through breast milk.
I say nobody has proven to me that they are safe that I have scientific reason to believe that the components that there are in them and how they act upon the immune system and the potential for autoimmunity and cancers neurological diseases is there and so they cannot guarantee that these vaccines are safe; not even one of them let alone numerous vaccines in the childhood vaccination program given earlier and earlier and more and more.

And if you have noticed the people who want to vaccinate are often very aggressive and they don’t want you to hear the other side. And that should make a light bulb in your head go off. Why don’t they want me to hear the other side? Why don’t they think that I can actually listen to both and come up with my own decision?

See I would never tell you not to vaccinate but they would always tell you to vaccinate for everything. That alone should be I think a red flag for you. What I’m saying is that you listen to everything and then you choose. What you do is your responsibility. But that’s not what the people who are supporting these aggressive vaccine campaigns say and do promoting more and more vaccines all the time to little babies.

Many of the vaccine enthusiast doctors will parrot the phrase that babies need to be vaccinated when they are young because the take rate is better for the vaccine. Parents have been told to bring their two month/four month/six-month-old infants in to have them injected with some 24 different disease-matter injections complete with the polysorbate 80 amounts of aluminium that are absolutely unsafe with the amount of body weight that they are being injected into which by the way is to generate the immunity response; it’s desired and that is why aluminium is there for.

So parents are being asked to bring their children in and the real reason is because they need to get them in one year; they need to train the parents inject these children I mean how sick is this? If they want to train the parents then why not just give them a saline injection at two/four/six months and let’s just keep it to ourselves. Why do we have to inject disease matter that won’t be effective and will be problematic at two/four/six months?”

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