A relatable picture of Bill Gates and his vaccines.

In this blog I am going to scout a relatable picture of Bill Gates and his eugenics – and this is vaccines.

We all know that for the past 25 years he has ruled over Microsoft a multibillion-dollar behemoth that has made him one of the world’s richest men. Gates was largely responsible for the birth of the tech world. He did this not by inventing new technology but by adapting existing technology to a “specific market” and then dominating that market.[1]

In fact in an interview Vandana Shiva an Indian scholar and activist specifically states this and explains how he came to exert such power:

“Bill Gates did not invent anything. The basic program was made by some Mathematics professor in a college. The office operating system was by a software engineer and he bought it for €50 000. He built an empire by creating patents on software. And the first WTO meeting in Singapore gave him tax concessions which is why all of the IT industry moved to India. The fact that Silicon Valley became India’s Silicon Valley is because they could save €40 billion annually. It was an outsourcing of software all for Bill Gates. With this accumulation of money and making any communication system illegal like the communication system through real currency and forcing digital payments he’s the one who gains because all the software for all the digital economy he collects rents and royalties on that. And then he started to put some of his money into “philanthropy”. And everyone thinks ‘Wow he’s such a generous man. He gives so much.’ Every place he gives to is his future markets.”

In recent years Gates has devoted much of his time and energy to “philanthropy” establishing the world’s largest private foundation with over $46 billion in assets. He has received billions of dollars in contributions from wealthy benefactors such as Warren Buffett with his claim being that his primary goal is to ‘improve healthcare’ and ‘alleviate poverty’ around the world.

Bill Gates is heavily involved in the development of new vaccines as well as ‘forecasting’ future international health challenges (such as epidemic preparedness) and works in most cases beyond the scope of national oversight and accountability.

Due to his involvement in the vaccine manufacturing process for many years including quality control and clinical evaluation Gates has been able to ‘advise’ vaccine development programmes and fund research into new areas of innovation for a variety of disease programs.

So from someone who ‘stole’ the Microsoft programme and built an empire by creating patents on a computer the billionaire became a vaccine advisor without any scientific and medical credentials without forgetting that he is the prophet of climate change and pandemics.

What is his contribution to the vaccine market? He basically invests in expertise and platform technologies to make vaccine production faster ‘better ’ and cheaper as well as funding numerous education and training programs to ensure that vaccine knowledge is created shared and retained.

The billionaire was an early investor in the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI)[2] which has since grown a sizable portfolio of public-private international health partnerships dedicated to increasing immunization access.

GAVI has grown significantly in recent years and it is very important to note that GAVI includes governments from developing countries and donors (including Australia) the World Health Organization UNICEF the World Bank the vaccine industry research and technical organizations civil society and other private “philanthropists”.

As of March 2019 the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation had donated $1.56 billion to the alliance’s 2016-2020 strategic period and continued to advise the group on key business decisions.

In addition to perpetuating eugenicist visions of ‘social’ reformation Gates’ heavy involvement in the vaccine industry was critical in shaping his positive public perception of the subject.

Considered a “hero” in the fight to develop new technologies to combat growing diseases the stage was now set for Gates to become the new “go-to” voice if a pandemic ever broke out. Coincidentally these individuals convinced the world that a pandemic had broken out and to convince the people that we were living in a pandemic even succeeded in changing the true meaning of a pandemic!


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