A vaccination centre in Scotland had to close for a day after an elderly man died suddenly in the same centre.

The Forfar vaccination centre in Scotland was closed after a man died inside the building on the afternoon of October 12th.[1]
At around 3.10 pm emergency services were called to Reid Hall on Castle Street after a 76-year-old man became ill but he was pronounced dead on the scene. This means that the man had one of those sudden deaths which are frequently reported in the media. One witness who was one of those whose appointment was cancelled reported seeing “an ambulance and two or three police cars” outside the vaccination centre.
Police were also called to the scene after receiving a report.
The public hall which is currently being used as a jab clinic was closed for the remainder of the day. While officers and parademics attended the incident people with appointments were turned away and told to return another day. The death is not being investigated as suspicious according to police while it is unknown whether the man was there for a vaccine. Which one? Why didn’t the media specify which jab was he going to take? Is it the fourth booster the flu one or the latest ambivalent one?
So what was a 76-year-old man doing at a vaccination centre if not there for a vaccine? Why is the media trying to hide that this man was there to take the vaccine or even worse that he had just been given the vaccine and died a few minutes later?

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