Italy is aligning with other countries to sacrifice comfort by issuing a new decree limiting and monitoring indoor temperature.

Italy is another European country following Switzerland and Spain in limiting indoor temperatures.[1]This means that the country “is aligning with European strategies to sacrifice comfort in order to increase autonomy from Russian gas.”[2]

Now these are measures that are part of climate lockdowns that will gear up to larger measures. Entire nations will be ordered what to do and what not to do according to the terms and conditions of the governments under the guise of fabricated climate change. For now nations like Switzerland Spain and the UK are being told when they can heat up their homes while countries like Germany and the UK are being prepared for blackouts. They are told that this is “for the benefit of the common good” “for the benefit of the world” and “for the benefit of the environment” while following the “necessary” rules to stay safe from climate change in a real state of totalitarianism gaining its roots after the Covid-19 warmup.

We have recently witnessed how Ischia an island in the Gulf of Naples was hit by a tragedy when engulfed by heavy rain overnight with the landslide hitting the hamlet of Casamicciola Terme early on Saturday morning of the 26thof October flooding and uprooting homes and sweeping away several cars.[3]The body of a dead woman was found by rescuers while ten more were declared missing. To add insult to injury “the rescue effort was hampered by continued rain and high winds which also delayed ferries bringing reinforcements from the mainland.”

“Electricity has been cut off in the affected area and about 30 families have been stranded in their homes in the hamlet of Lacco Ameno where several buildings are reported to have collapsed.” The same happened with the water supply. So now you have entire families having to live in this complicated situation in this cold without water and electricity:

This is not a natural disaster. Having heavy rain overnight is not natural. We don’t have to go far – we all know how the Maltese weather has changed drastically with frequent earthquakes being felt in a span of two weeks [4][5]and with torrential rains and winds which coincidentally are scheduled for the weekend. This is part of a fabricated plan whereby a certain kind of technology is used to manipulate the weather and blame people for this alleged climate change through geoengineering. I have written about this before. This is the false theory of CO2 catastrophe which is at the very core of the coming authoritarian and totalitarian state.

Back to the new Italian regulations. The Italian Ministry of Ecological Transition has issued a new decree that LIMITS indoor temperatures.[6]Foreigners arriving in Italy are finding this notice at their apartments:

In practice this means that the thermostat in industrial buildings will be set to 17C while that in residential buildings and other buildings will be set to 19C. Furthermore the time the heating is on is being reduced by one hour per day and 15 days per year as part of a plan to reduce energy consumption by 15% between August 1 and March 31. Those exempted are hospitals care homes primary schools nurseries and the most northerly regions while the cuts will be the greatest in the warmer south.

This is the Italian state dictating what temperature people are allowed to have indoors.

Do they want people to freeze at night when they know that people need more heating at night when it is colder? Is this why they are banning people from heating at all at night?

So before the authorities asked us to lockdown to save our elderly but now it is fine for them to let the elderly who do not live in care homes freeze at night! And the same authorities will also be doing controls to make sure that people are following and obeying these temperature limits since energy consumption in public buildings and residential buildings will be monitored to see how the measures are being implemented and the ministry has called on individuals to help. How? By spying and reporting each other like in Switzerland?

The Italian government is also so well-meaning that it will also launch an awareness campaign to promote energy-conscious behaviour in terms of gas and electricity consumption where people will be “encouraged” to take shorter showers wait for a full load before using the washing machine or dishwasher and unplug electrical appliances when not in use.

This isn’t about climate change. There is no climate crisis. It is all manufactured bullshit. This is tyranny for which the masses are deciding that it is fine to be told how to live by the tyrannical states.


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