While the government is exploring the possibility of tagging and tracking the elderly the media has started the promotion of the “conspiracy theory” of the microchip implant.

Another conspiracy theory has become fact. The microchipping factor which I wrote about back in February[1][2]is now being promoted by the media since the local tv presenter of Gadgets Ian Busuttil Naudi has now gone for this microchip.

Lovin Malta reported that Busuttil Naudi “took a step into the future and became one of the first on the island to install a microchip beneath the skin of his hand”and that now “with the chip installed he’ll be able to pay for items while out shopping by simply tapping his hand on an establishment’s POS machine.”[3]

But the media had been giving the spoon before the feed earlier this year. It was back in April when TVM news Malta published the article: “The human microchip that lets you pay with your hand.”[4]It talks about an English-Polish company Walletmor which created these contactless payment chips implants:

This company has already sold 500 of these chips which are being advertised online for €199. After purchasing the chip which can be used everywhere around the world one must download an ‘app’ that allows the activation of the chip and deposit money in an account and finally have the chip inserted.

Lovin Malta reported that a small incision was made on the back of Mr. Busuttil Naudi’s hand in an easy operation undertaken by an orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Kurstein Sant.

Will we see the government and the hospitals colluding together in order to have people microchipped after having corporations establishments and businesses installing POS machines?

Busuttil Naudi has been preparing the public for this implant a while before when his programme featured a guest having this microchip implant done live:


Times of Malta reported that Busuttil Naudi “is among the first people in Malta to implant a credit card chip for purchasing items.”Besides Busuttil Naudi and the guest he had on his programme months before are there more we don’t know of who are going with this “trend”?[5]

Busuttil Naudi felt excited and proud because he loves technology. Well this is not technology! This is a system that allows you to make transactions with your own body the same which one finds in credit cards and smartphones!

And there is more to this. On September 2021 Euronews reported that a Russian doctor from the Siberian city of Novosibirsk has injected tiny chips into his fingers and wrists to replace some of the essential items.

“One of the chips in his hand functions as a key to the intercom system in the hospital where he works another his work pass and the third functions as his ATM card. He also has one in his wrist which can store contact details and copy them over to his mobile phone.”[6]

Television Malta also reported that when the chip gets read from the “contactless card reader” an LED light (known as LUCIFERase) is switched underneath the skin and the payment passes through.

In September 2021 Amazon launched a contactless payment system called Amazon One for the first time in Northern California at their store in San Jose’s Santana Row while it tries to muscle its way “into your digital wallet”:

Doesn’t this all sound like a GPS tracker to you whereby your every move will be tracked down together with your finances as microchip critics state?

And what is more disturbing is that back in August 2022 Newsbook[1]reported that reacting to the conclusions of the disappearance of Karmenu Fino from St Vincent De Paule home active ageing Minister Jo Etienne Abela said that “the tagging/tracking of residents is being explored as a possibility.” He said:

“There is no doubt that security the residents’ dignity and medical information will be considered in every decision taken.”How? By tagging and tracking them?

So we have the public being pushed to this agenda by the Tell-A-Vision while then we have the government exploring the tagging of our elderly.
If the microchips in dogs help to find the owner when a dog goes missing then how can such a microchip a product of an innovative method that seeks to collect and analyse data from the human body by taking advantage of the application of biotechnology  in humans not carry the same hackable qualities?


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