An observation and analysis of the September 7th issue of The Economist magazine featuring Liz Truss.

The Economist keeps on giving us subtle messages.  This time it has released another cryptic cover photo for its September 7thissue.
This issue is called “Can Liz Truss fix Britain?” since “the new prime minister must eschew pantomime radicalism if she is to succeed.” What do they mean by “pantomime radicalism”?

“During Liz Truss’s campaign to become the leader of the Conservative Party her team tweeted a promise to ‘hit the ground from day one’. The post was widely derided and swiftly modified but it inadvertently captured the scale of the problems facing Britain’s new prime minister. Ms Truss now ensconced in Downing Street has an enormous job in front of her.”

If we had to observe and analyse the front photo what would we see?


In the background which is all gloomy and reddish we see a building on fire. Is that the British parliament? Does it mean that it is on fire because it is being replaced by corporations and humans who are not human anymore?

We also have whirlwinds tornadoes or hurricanes. Aren’t they part of the climate change agenda?

The ground underneath is broken to symbolise an earthquake with fire coming out of it. Why fire? On the floor there are people crawling around. These people strangely have more the shape of lizards or reptilians. Why? What are they doing on the floor? Are they dead?  Or do they represent the morbidly obedient?

Then we have another lizard-looking figure pushing an empty trolley. Does this imply food shortages? And slightly on the right there is another figure in a cage. Is he being tortured?

Two normal-looking people are around a fire. Are they trying to warm up due to gas shortages?

Then we have a dumpster. What is it full of? Skulls? Dead people?

In the sky above the building which is on fire there is a flying blue shape. Does this represent the preparation of the public for the Blue Beam Project? “Blue Beam is a joint project by NASA and the United Nations that using the strongest technologies aims to spread a new religion on Earth and create various simulations to establish total control on people and establish the “New World Order”.[1]

Then we have a broken ambulance that is partially being pulled down into the earth but the police car is not. Does this mean that hospitals are running out of ambulances and cannot catch up with the demand of people needing them? It is also apt to notice that the word “police” on the car is spelled backward. Does this mean “As above so below”? Or is it a way to symbolise that the police’s aim to protect the public has now become twisted to obey the orders of the government so as to turn against the public? Is it a mirror world?

What is the building with a Red Cross on top? Is it a hospital? Or is it a church? Why are helicopters at a standstill on the ground in front of it? Does it sound like Russia and the US are in for a frightful Halloween?

There is also a big full moon on the top left.

Powerlines are down and there is neither any heat nor any electricity. Does this symbolise the blackouts? Or does it mean that 5G towers are being destroyed?

Does the whole scenario depict the pressure on self-sustainability and the supply chain?

In the middle there is also a dark brownish reddish intact building. What is it? Is it the tower of Babel?

And why is Liz Truss walking gigantically away from it all? Does it mean that she is enjoying the role she has been assigned in this circus freak show? Is she carrying a worried look or a wicked arrogant grin? Is she caring for the British or is she exposing her true nature? At the end of it all she is walking calmly away from it all nicely dressed with a handbag.

It seems that the powerful Elite are carrying on as usual without being not at all worried about the little people congregating around the burning barrel while trying to make sense of why they are being made to go through all this.

At the end of it all their agenda of population reduction and the Great Reset are still running high.


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