The local media reports the sudden death of a 22-year-old man due to a heart attack and yet it blames the ambulance personnel and the lack of defibrillators in the vicinity.

After loads of articles about professional players and non dropping dead suddenly sadly and unfortunately we just had the first local report by all media portals of a young man in his twenties who died suddenly of a heart attack while playing football.

The incident occurred on Monday 11thOctober at around 9.30 pm at St Aloysius’ football ground. It was 22-year-old Maltese player Justin Tabone who “tragically died after suffering from a suspected heart attackwhile playing at the St Aloysius football pitch.”

“A fellow player said everything happened “very quickly”.” [1]While sending sincere condolences to his family I would like to ask the usual repetitive question: Was Justin Tabone vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccines?

This is a question that our media does not dare to question. Instead what a shame and a disgrace to have both Lovin Malta and Times of Malta deviating the focus of the people from this sudden death to the fact that the ambulance took long to come blaming the ambulance personnel and that there were no defibrillators in the vicinity.

Regarding the fact that the ambulance took long to come the media must pose the query to Dr. Fearne. He is on record stating that our hospital is under control.[2]

With this rate we would start needing a defibrillator on each corner of every street in all schools colleges and workplaces.

TOM also turned the blame on our education stating that it is important that we brush up on our first aid knowledge because this incident served as a “reality check”.[3]It should truly serve as a way for people to come to terms with reality and be a wake-up call.

I am not going to dwell deeper into these articles. The story is already very sad as it is. But I am here going to bring to the attention the comments of some who are asking why many young people are dying lately:

[How many young people are dying my God!!! What a pity RIP.
RIP…My God. What is happening? How many young people are dying?
I blame it on one thing….]

[What is happening? Today I am only coming across deaths of young men of quite a young age.]

……because there is a mass genocide going on after the Covid-19 vaccine rollout……

And then you have those who know what is going on and spoke up commenting thus:

[Is it possible that you have not realised yet? I don’t know but my thoughts go exactly there. In Italy a 14-year-old girl has just died suddenly and unexpectedly now they found out that she was vaccinated three times including the booster. What irresponsible parents she had poor girl. Why isn’t anything being mentioned here? From what are these young people dying? Doesn’t it suit them to speak up? When someone dies and the media reports it usually the media does mention the cause of death. The most important thing is that everyone writes “RIP” and nobody cares as if we are a lottery. Who’s next?]

Despite all these comments the red flag is not raised by our local media and all its accomplices.

[That’s it. Everyone is going to keep on being dead mute until someone close to him is touched by Censa the killer. On another note they only used to say how many old people used to die from Covid so that people take the injection. That wasn’t true dear. That was done so that they create and spread fear and a lot of them believed them and obeyed. They used to mention the vulnerable with a motive so that they go (and die) first. My father is 84 and did not take anything and God bless him. Only now they are dying after they were poisoned but they don’t mention anything.]

And unfortunately we still have those who are still not conscious of what is going on or do not want to admit it:

[The time has come to see from what all those people (of whom many are still young) are dying and why…

many are dying without any reason… because if a human being is sick in one way or another you expect it. But like this and suddenly from people who are still young there is something for sureand do not tell me that this is natural… natural my foot…! And don’t include the vaccine… because these deaths have been happening for more than 3 years! RIP…]

The fact remains that healthy young people are dropping dead at a rate that the world has not witnessed before Covid-19. The “there is something for sure” thus youngsters are not dying without any reason. There is a reason. But no one wants to investigate whether these are being caused by the Covid-19 vaccines or not.


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