A Maltese person ends up at Mater Dei suffering from myocarditis after taking the booster.

I am here bringing a message that I received from someone which reads:

(Today a colleague told me that after he took the booster he ended up in hospital. He is still 26 years old. He told me that a few days after taking the booster he woke up at night with huge chest pain. He told me that the feelings were as if someone was going to extract his chest out. He went to the emergency unit. He spent hours waiting there. When he was called in and examined they told him that he was going to be kept at the hospital [under observation] because of heart inflammation. Myocarditis. And since he was utterly surprised asking them what is the cause Mater Dei staff told him that it is from the vaccine. When he was released from the hospital he ended up taking a lot of medicine for 6 months and he could not even do some exercise. He told me that he took the booster thinking that he is going to protect himself and instead he ended up with his heart damaged. I am not going to take anything anymore.)

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