Twindemic the Pinged Pandemic.

Back in July 2022 Newsbook reported that researchers from the Francis Crick Institute in London have made significant progress toward developing a universal vaccine that will be effective against Covid-19 and even the common cold since they have discovered that a portion of Sars-CoV-2 the virus that causes Covid-19 could potentially be used in a vaccine that not only addresses Covid-19 variantsbut also common colds.[1]Since people already took three doses with some taking the fourth to combat Covid and its variants and if we have a separate flu vaccine why is there the need for this dual deadly concoction? So since they can be mixed is Covid-19 now being rebranded as the flu?

And if this two-in-one vaccine targets the common cold viruses and the Covid-19 variants why did the British government approve last September the Pfizer/BioNTech updated booster vaccine which targets two coronavirus variants with half of the vaccine targeting the original virus strain and the other half targeting Omicron (BA.1)?[2]So why the need for both if the other one mentioned by Newsbook targets all Covid-19 variants? It feels like the sale season with the “buy one get two free” shop signs.

How many concoctions are they coming up with?

Wasn’t the British nation told that the third booster will protect them against Omicron?

How do you make people line up to be injected with these “variant busting booster” or “autumn Covid booster” which was rolled out on 5thSeptember[4]for 26 million people[5]? We have the British Times publishing an article warning the public that “Fears that Covid-19 cases will begin to rise again soon.”[6]

And what better ways are there to make the British public take the flu vaccine? By having various media portals come up with a “twindemic” as happened on 28thSeptember. The Daily Express notification to the public was “Twindemic alert… Go get your jabs!” since “a surging “twindemic” of Covid and flu viruses could wreak havoc on the health service this winter.”[7]

According to Steve Russell the NHS director for vaccinations and screening;

“This winter could be the first time we see the effects of the so-called ‘twindemic’ with both Covid and flu in full circulation so it is vital that those most susceptible to serious illness from these viruses come forward for vaccines to protect themselves and those around them.”
According to The Guardian there are “fears of a winter ‘twindemic’” and that UK Health Security Agency officials are bracing themselves for “a resurgence in flu infections capable of causing severe disease in the coming months” and that “it will coincide with the major wave of coronavirus that is already building”.[8]

“The UK Health Security Agency has warned there will be lower levels of natural immunity to flu this year”[9]

But not according to ABC News: The NHS already knew about this since on 15thJuly its press release was entitled “Covid-19 autumn booster and flu vaccine programme expansion”[10].

And just like magic the flu is making a comeback after a break of three years! Reuters states that Covid restrictions had limited social contact which kept flu levels stayed low.[11]Actually it was a joint forces propaganda to shift the people’s attention from Flu to Covid.

Are they now preparing for an Influenza Pandemic? Why do we have a 2020 Influenza Pandemic Government document entitled “Pandemic Influenza Plan – Vaccine Storage and Distribution”?[12]

And then their science also taps in. A new study has found that taking the flu jab may lower the risk of a stroke.[13]And then they create a divide:

Why all this fuss? It is a question that is very easy to be answered. More vaccine propaganda and more dual vaccines as if the other ones haven’t caused enough drama!


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