Is the Maltese government paving the way to legalize abortion?

We all know the local story of the

American Andrea Prudente who “was denied a request to terminate a non-viable pregnancy while holidaying in Malta in June” whose case made global headlines and who is now “calling on the court to declare that the law is in breach of human rights” initiating a legal battle against Malta’s “blanket ban on abortion” because “she is arguing that the Maltese government failed in its duty to provide safety and dignity” by allowing such a law.[1]

One wonders whether this couple was “invited” or “asked” to come over for a holiday in Malta and create this drama in order to create a stepping stone for the abortion cliché’ and cult to push forward their agenda. Was their holiday perhaps paid for by someone? Is it a coincidence that complications occurred during her holiday here? If Prudente knew that complications might arise why didn’t she choose a destination where abortion is legal or better still stay at home?

Another thing which is fishy in all this is the timing of this holiday – that of June. Why? Because this was around the same time when the Roe vs Wade decision was overturned in the US Supreme Court on the 15th of July. For all those who aren’t familiar with the Roe vs Wade case in a nutshell it was a landmark decision of the US Supreme Court where it ruled that the Constitution of the US conferred the right to have an abortion striking down many federal and state abortion laws.[2]Now this was overturned giving states the authority to set their own abortion policies. The voices of millions of fetuses crying out for justice were heard.

But in Malta things are taking a different turn. On 6th October when Dr. Fearne announced the administration of the flu and the Omicron booster he “also said that the government is preparing amendments to the law to remove anomalies which could lead to doctors not taking action for fear of committing a crime.” Which are these anomalies? Can the government specify?

“Last month Fearne had said that the government will seek to amend the law after an American woman claimed she was denied termination of a pregnancy in Malta.Asked for an update the minister said that these discussions have started internally and the amendments will be presented in parliament in the coming days.”[3]

It is important to note that this particular news was only reported by The Independent and The Malta Today. Times of Malta Lovin Malta and Newsbook did not. I guess it did not hit their journalists’ ear drum while they were present for the conference.

Does this mean that the Maltese government is paving the way to legalize abortion without the consensus of the nation? And what a shame on the opposition party which tagged along and is helping the government instead of offering opposition in this! I am proud of myself that I did not vote for any of them this year!

To be clear I am pro-life which makes me stand against any killing and for me abortion is the killing of the innocent. The pro-choice movement says that a woman has a right to do what she pleases with her body! But the fetus is not her body! S/he is growing inside her womb and the fact that s/he cannot speak and stand up for himself/herself gives no right for the woman to kill him/her! If two don’t want to bring a child into the world then there are preventive ways and means! And being promiscuous is surely not one of the ways!

And the irony of it all is that the phrase “My body my choice!” was denied hearing when those who did not want to stick the needle of the lethal experimental Covid-19 jabs in their bodies were also shouting “My body my choice!”

Where are the men when it comes to abortion? Do they just deposit their sperm in women to then just leave the women to decide what they want to do with their babies? If a man does not want to build a relationship with the woman whom he happened to impregnate then he should not have even slept with her in the first place! And while women are pushed to take the contraceptive pill which messes a lot with the women’s natural hormonal and reproductive system men are not pushed to do a vasectomy (which can be reversed).

Men claim that they don’t want to have their reproductive system messed up because it makes them feel less manly! But then it is fine for women to mess up with theirs and it is fine for men not to be manly enough to rise to their responsibility of taking care of a child after getting the woman they slept with pregnant.

So now the Maltese government is taking a godlike status of omnipotence together with the deranged pro-murder crowd and the PN because there is always a nefarious agenda behind everything the government “allows”.

The government should remember that it is made up of men of flesh whose greed and lust for power will bring its downfall. They don’t run this world like the timing of a Swiss clock and there is a God who is overseeing everything as Christ had stated:

“If anyone causes one of these little ones – those who believe in me – to stumble it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” (Matthew 18:6)


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