Is the stage being set for a new social reality?

It appears that the stage is being set for war. In 2008 Peter Hitchens stated “The next European war will be fought with gas and oil and pipelines.” Considering we have such ongoing fights are we heading toward a new sort of “war”?

The West or more accurately the Globalists continue to provoke both Russia and China which is nothing short of suicidal. However we know that their plans for a Great Reset necessitate the complete destruction of the current financial system. Lockdowns fabricated energy crises ridiculous attacks on farming and agriculture (in the name of climate change) engineered weather disasters sanctions and the resulting inflation are all methods of destroying people’s financial independence.

Small and medium-sized businesses will not survive and everything will end up in the hands of fewer and fewer corporations which is precisely their goal; however if war is added to the mix they will achieve it even faster.

We are witnessing an intentional economic catastrophe unfold. No lives matter to the ruling oligarchs who come to us as philanthropists. In the world of oligarchy they own everything and they want to bring us to own nothing but be happy. They hate us. They want us to be controlled. They want us dead.

For centuries they have used war to further their agenda; it is the quickest way to destabilize nations which can then be purchased cheaply through unpayable debt which is what the IMF (International Monetary Fund) is for. War also grants them abilities that they would not normally have.
Their plans are far-reaching; in short they want us to give up our personal and national sovereignty.

Individual nations will cease to exist as will private property financial independence and thus freedom. We won’t have any privacy or bodily autonomy. We will be controlled surveyed chipped and most likely trapped in tiny dwellings in massive smart cities addicted to drugs and the Metaverse. Mr Harari the WEF adviser himself has been very clear about what is in store for us “useless people.”

Although they have completed many stages of this Orwellian plan they still need to get us to the finish line. A nuclear standoff is certainly one possibility.

Meanwhile things are heating up so here we are waiting watching anticipating dreading preparing warning resisting… It’s draining. So is filtering through the overload of information we are being bombarded with and if you don’t know that they control both the narrative and the counter-narrative you are not awake yet. Hence why you need to learn unlearn and relearn while cleaning up the mess that others have created in your mind because you are capable of doing anything. We must question our programmed and indoctrinated thinking. We must reveal the Truth and reverse the brainwashing. Intelligence has nothing to do with degrees or knowing everything. Intelligence is the ability to challenge everything we know and are made to swallow by considering evidence that contradicts our beliefs and using critical thinking. As Ludwig von Mises had said: “Many of those who are self-taught far excel the doctors the masters and the bachelors of the most renowned universities.”

Hoping for the best but preparing for the worst is the wise thing to do and staying mentally physically and most importantly spiritually strong is critical to not being swallowed back into the matrix and its fear porn.

On a positive note Covid-19 is doing a lot of good. It has made us learn who are the magicians behind the curtains; what an evil world we live in; the climate change hoax; the corrupted WEF the WHO the UN the UNICEF and the like; the lying mainstream media news and the evil socialism.
Covid-19 is revealing the level of government corruption and who are the accomplices among the oppressors without whom the oppressors won’t gain their strength and the three branches of government which are financial petrochemical and pharmaceutical.

Covid-19 is revealing that some parts of history taught were fabricated and manipulated; religion is a control system money is a hoax debt is fiction media is manipulation governments are a corporation and the system is a lie.

Thanks to Covid-19 many things are and will keep on being revealed and unsealed like patents for free energy cures Big Pharma doesn’t want us to know about; advances that have been kept secret for decades.

God will lead us our light will lighten us our hearts will nourish us and our faith will carry us. We will face what is hard and we will fear no evil because the Lord is with us and while we call upon His name He will move us and He will deliver us from all our fears.

We have to be adamant to rather die standing than live on our knees.

According to C.S. Lewis “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an ordinary destiny” because what drowns us makes us learn how to swim.

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