Dear Father Elija thank you. Now rest in God’s arms.

Today 10th October 2022 I received the news that Father Elias Vella of the Order of the Friars Minor a mendicant friar scholar and exorcist has passed away. And today the skies wept with him.

This news was announced on the Facebook page of the parish church of Saint Paul’s Bay where he gave his services even though his health lately was not at its best.

Father Elias Vella was one of the main exorcists of the Roman Catholic Church whom I admired though I prefer to call myself a Christian rather than Roman Catholic.

I was extremely sad to hear. Last year a friend mentioned him and told me to go to him. He also passed on the contact details. And yet for a while I put it aside. It was months later when a different friend mentioned him and this time a bell rang. I said “This must be a sign from God. Two people months apart mentioned this friar.” Yet I could not get through. Then this same friend sent me a screenshot of the mass that Fr. Elias was going to give on Thursday 14thJuly of this year – another sign.  It was on this day when this friend picked me up and took me to hear this mass.

My life since a little child was anything but easy and these last two years the minute I was put on the frontline of exposing the Covid-19 agenda it felt like the gates of hell opened wide and decided that until I crawl to these gates the attacks won’t stop. But I am not the type to be discouraged. My spine can be broken I crawl if need be but I won’t stop moving. Because I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me. Today I look back and realize that in each attack or challenge there was a purpose and a preparation; that all my life has been a preparation for something which only God knows of. These are God’s mysterious ways.

God at times gives you the answers you need in a later divine timing which He decides but at the time when you are at crossroads you cannot see anything except the wilderness.

My journey on earth is very spiritual which started at a younger age after I undid all the indoctrination that religion filled my mind with. Somewhere inside me I yearned to get to know God. Getting to know God is much simpler yet more complex but more beautiful than the conventional teachings and indoctrination. It is a very deep never-ending journey which words cannot explain.

Two months before my dad was hospitalised and three months before the start of this journey as a blogger which surely was not in my plans I had this vivid dream. I was dressed in white and was lying on the floor shaking. Six angels surrounded me two holding me by each hand two holding me from the soles and two pressing on my knees. Although they weren’t talking and neither was I I could hear them telling me “Do not fear“. Then suddenly from the side I feel this big huge reptilian tail hitting me lightly on the forehead which came as a warning that if I don’t keep my place I will pay for it.

Then I asked the angels why was he allowed near and they replied (again not with words) “We cannot forbid him anything. He has free will. But please know you are protected and guarded“. I woke up repeating “Corona Corona Corona” in my head. Only when dad was hospitalized and this journey started I made sense of this dream. I did not keep my place. I acted. I have more vivid dreams like these from which I thankfully decode messages.

I went to Fr Elias with tears in my eyes asking him to strengthen my prayers so that I can be released from any dark forces which were trying to suffocate me. I am not here trying to persuade the non-believers. Each being has free will and each and every one of us trod on differing paths some which merge others which don’t. And finding God is an individual journey that then gets strengthened through the collective.

But just like there is light there is darkness. Just like there is goodness there is evil. For me the spiritual world is made of the devil and God because even the devil is a spirit. But both are not as taught. Their concepts are more self-taught at least in my case.

When mass was over I went into the sacristy and expressed my wishes to Fr. Elias. He looked at me with gentle eyes put his hand on my head and prayed out loud. While he prayed I called upon the Lord in my heart.

The day after I received an email telling me I was chosen for my current employment – a blessing. I had successfully passed the interview. I texted my friend who replied “Yesterday you were truly blessed.” I thank this friend for being the messenger between myself and Fr Elias.
Thank you dear Fr Elias for all your work and for being a ray of light to many. Thank you for praying on me and with me.

Now rest in God’s welcoming arms. Shalom!

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