While the Local Health Authorities have now announced the offer of two jabs on the same day the media forgot to tell the public that back in 2017 it had reported a season of severe flu.

Et voila`! After we learn that the flu and the two-in-one Omicron booster are being offered in the UK now this is also the case in Malta. The government has quietly and discreetly announced that “free vaccination for both influenza and omicron (Covid-19) will be offered to the general public later this month.”[1]

But why does the public need these two jabs in one? Why does one need the Omicron booster? Didn’t it take one earlier this year? Didn’t Dr. Fearne back in December of 2021 say that the third booster targets specifically Omicron?[2]

Announcing the campaign Health Minister Chris Fearne said that the two vaccinations can be given on the same day from government health centres and community clinics. Most of them will be open seven days a week. He said that people who are infected with both viruses at the same time may suffer severe consequences and therefore he urged the public to participate in the campaign. But how will people know since symptoms are of the same nature? Is he encouraging people to keep on taking the PCR test and if they do how can they know if they have Covid or the flu? Their answer will be “Trust the science”.

According to Newsbook people can take each injection on the same day in each arm:

What a double effort for the body to understand what it has been injected with with two jabs on the same day in different arms and what a double effort for the body to try to make sense of the ingredients of these two concoctions while it is still trying to make sense of the Covid ones which it received in this last one year and a half!

Newsbook added that Fearne said “that the virus shall become a seasonal issue to be dealt with noting however that so far intense measures do not seem necessary.”[3]

These vaccinations will start being offered from 17thOctober to people over the age of 55 people with chronic conditions pregnant women people in institutions healthcare workers and children aged 6 months to 5 years whereas the rest of the population can start these vaccinationson 31st October.

Lovin Malta reported that “From 22nd October children above the age of six months can begin receiving the jabsas well. Fearne noted that children above the age of 2 can avoid receiving the jabs and can instead be given a nasal spray for the flu.”[4]Do the words in plural “vaccinations” and “jabs” refer to the flu jabs only or to both the booster and the flu jab? What are the side effects of these jabs?

“With regard to Covid the minister said that now it has become endemic and it is advisable that a jab is taken once a year as with influenza.”
But a different statement in the Times of Malta’s reporting states that: “the authorities believe COVID-19 vaccinations will become an annual undertaking.”[5]

Hadn’t I already pointed out this in my blog dated 6th March “Is the world moving towards a one jab per year policy?” in which I had written:
“With this one-injection Covid-19 strategy the apps and Digital ID are seen much less intrusive to most people who will gladly go for an annual vaccine just like the flu one to get their Covid-19 app up-to-date for a whole year. In this way the human body becomes like a car which needs to go through an annual government-approved roadworthiness check.”[6]

Will this annual Covid-19 vaccine be voluntary or compulsory? Can Fearne specify?

Times of Malta appeared taken by surprise and agreed with my prediction as the caption on their Facebook article post shows: “Covid-19 vaccines appear to be here to stay”.

TOM also reported that this year is expected to be a severe influenza season while Lovin Malta reported Profs Gauci saying that “internationally the flu season had started earlier than usual.” Have mass vaccination and the Covid-19 vaccines something to do with it?

But the public was already being subtly prepared for this by the media. First it started with Newsbook in July 2022 as I already mentioned in another blog [7]and then just two days before Fearne made the announcement Times of Malta reported that “‘Severe’ influenza outbreak is expected this winter”[8]with “doctors already reporting flu cases at the tail end of summer”.   It stated that not only are the health authorities bracing for this outbreak of influenza but a spokesperson for the health ministry told TOM that “Increased social mixing will inevitably lead to increased contagion”.

We have been living with influenza for ages and we were never told to decrease social mixing. We keep on trusting their science.

Why doesn’t TOM [and Gauci Fearne and his Health Ministry] remind the public that back in 2017 it had reported that “Flu season expected to be more severe than usual“[9]with “European countries” bracing “themselves for a biting winter?”

So what is the motive behind all this non-sensical sensational alarum?


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