“Polio outbreak” was the ominous headline that faced the city of Hull on 5th October 1961. This time instead of “Stay home Stay safe” it was “Protect you Protect your family.”
The Yorkshire post[1] reports that polio “was the scourge of cities in Europe and the USA in the first half of the 20th century and Hull had had outbreaks in the 1940s and 50s. But by 1961 there had been no new cases for two years after the Jonas Salk vaccine had been discovered in 1955. It appeared as if its threat was beginning to recede.
Yet that autumn the disease returned with a vengeance felling children living in a concentrated area of streets near Hull Docks. There were 19 cases in just a few days and it was the most sudden and serious outbreak in the UK since 1959. The two-year-hiatus was down to the effects of the Salk programme which involved the injection of a dead form of the virus and required

‘top-ups’ to be effective.” So people were injected against polio. There was a two-year break and then polio made a comeback.
And the same media adds that this pandemic was similar to Covid-19 because just like Covid-19 there were cases “with some of those infected barely affected [meaning the asymptomatic] others facing a long period of recovery and the most severe cases left fighting for their lives.”
During the following week newspapers in Hull and the whole country pinpointed the alarming spreadable disease. It is clear that the fearmongering task has been part of the media’s policy since the 1960s if not before.
So what did they do? They came up with a new different type of vaccine a second form of vaccination patented by Albert Sabin which contained a ‘live’ form of the virus

making it more
risky– but it quickly became clear that it could be the only way to stop the Hull Docks outbreak. This Sabin vaccine was administered orally using the now-famous ‘sugar lump’ method. It is also known as the OPV for the oral polio vaccine. Though riskier it was still given to the population of Hull with the Minister for Health announcing at the time that it would become the first city in western Europe to instigate a mass Sabin vaccination programme with a target of 300 000 people to be immunised.
The task that the City Health Department had was enormous. Speed was vital. The 300 000 men women and children were to be vaccinated in one week with this oral vaccine that had been developed by Sabin in 1960. Clearly it was quite a new vaccine on the market at the time. It must have been produced at quite a speed.
So the city’s officials prepared schools and community buildings to be used as clinics and recruited 3 000 volunteers.
The first job was to tell the people of Hull how and when they could get the vaccine. At press conferences and even up to the minute news the locations of clinics were given.
By noon of the first day 150 000 people had been vaccinated. Supplies of the vaccine were quickly running out so the Royal Airport stepped in to get these very urgent needed further supplies. Packed in a special container with dry ice the vaccines were quickly and carefully transferred to a waiting van.
First the vials were spread out on a table placing them apart to allow the circulation of air at room temperature. Then they were left to thaw. Then a handful of sugar lumps were put on saucers and two drops of vaccine liquid were put on each lump.
And then the marketing is pushed further by having those in high-up positions pictured happily taking the vaccine. This was the case with the Lord Mayor of Hull and other members of the corporation pictured taking this sugar lump vaccine and enjoying it.
And then they used children for marketing too:
For children two drops of vaccine with syrup vaccine were given while

segregated in each class in school so that lessons weren’t affected. The Yorkshire post continues “It was thanks to Hull Council’s medical officer Dr Alexander Hutchison that t

he city’s children became the ‘guinea pigs’ – he knew about the Sabin oral vaccine and asked the government for permission to use it. At the time it hadn’t been deployed on a large scale as

there were still concerns over its safety but he recognised that

Salk’s initial vaccine was not effective enough to control the outbreak.”According to this same media this “heroic mass vaccination of children program had saved the children of Hull from paralysis in this polio outbreak“.
To speed up things further parents were asked to complete the card authorizing vaccines to be given to their children beforehand which also avoided queues.
At the time the anti-vaxxers of this polio vaccine were not spared criticism and ostracism either. The media reported: “And there was little patience with ‘anti-vaxxers’ – one woman who was vaccinated while at Newlands Girls’ School remembers a fellow pupil whose family were Jehovah’s Witnesses being told

she could not return to the classroom until she had been vaccinated.”
Now this oral polio vaccine was retracted from the market in the U.S. in 2000 and instead started using the inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) which does not contain the live vile virus

. Why? Because

the greatest risk of contracting polio in the United States was

vaccine-associatedand so it was replaced by IPV. This shows that truly the children of Hull were used as guinea pigs.
However they had claimed that it is “rare” that OPV causes paralytic polio in vaccine recipients or their close contacts. The site which gives this information is now unreachable as the below screenshot. And what about the consequences of IPV? Didn’t they state in the 1960s that this vaccine (the Salk or IPV) was not as effective as the OPV to control the outbreak of the time? Why aren’t both being removed from the market? And why is the polio vaccine being offered again in UK and the USA due to the alleged polio outbreak?
But what truly led to this “polio” paralysis? In page 410 of the National Geographic Magazine of October 1945 there was a picture with this paragraph: “Flying and Biting Bugs on Jones Beach Die in a Cloud of DDT New Insecticide – A truck-mounted for generator squirts

the poison mixed with oil droplets over a four-mile area of the New York City


Spread by Army and Navy planes and by hand sprays DDT routed dangerous disease-bearing flies and mosquitoes on Pacific islands.

DDT has a drawback—it kills many beneficial and harmless insects but does not kill all insect pests. Birds and fish which eat large numbers of DDT-poisoned insects may be casualties too.”
So first they spray us then we get sick then they create a pandemic and then they sell new vaccines.
The below photo shows barefooted and bare-chested children running around with this DDT being sprayed in close vicinity.
[1] https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/health/how-a-heroic-mass-vaccination-programme-saved-children-of-hull-from-paralysis-in-an-explosive-polio-outbreak-in-1961-3038681
[2] https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/history/polio-outbreak-1961-shows-how-4713601

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