Rik Mayall’s 2013 film “One by One”: the chilling scene that talks about reducing world population – part 1.

In the 2013 film by Rik Mayall called “One by One” there is a chilling scene that specifically talks about reducing the population. I will be dividing the script of the scene into two blogs as it is quite long. This scene screenplay where you have four protagonists speaking is as follows:

“We’ve all been waiting for it to happen. Just didn’t know I was going to rear his ugly head.”


“The New World Order.”

“Population reduction”.

“Is that what you and Lilly were filming?”

“Yeah. We were filming in case anything happens to us”.

“Tell me.”

“There’s no going back from this deal. Everything will change for you once you know.”

“Tell me.”

“I believe we are enslaved in a society where we will not be free to think or feel or do anything other than consume. Slaves for work to buy things beyond our means living in fear of terrorism. I believe this is to blindside us; trick us into a situation where they the powers that be will wipe us out kill most of us kill all of us here. They are going to reduce the population. That is what I believe.”

“It’s sad to think that there may need to be a population limit on the earth. Maybe that does. You can’t keep on doing what we’re doing.”

“There will be a global population reduction until there are only 500 million people. Although I believe that this planet can support two billion humans perfectly comfortable.”

“How do you know that?”

“It’s a question of space and the resources the space has. And using those resources to survive and not exploiting them.”

“Almost seven billion humans use too many resources. This leads to a very uncertain future for us all.”

“Right! Climate change.”

“Climate change occurs naturally.It’s why we have the Ice Age.”

“So now you’re telling me that climate change is fake?”

“As you know it”.

“Why do you recycle?”

“I’m doing my bit.”

“So you’re trying to save the planet?”


“How precious of you to think that you could save the planet if she needed to save itself especially from us? She’d just wipe us out. Hypothetically if we want to conserve 80% of the planet’s resources then we should get rid of or cull that 20% of the population who are consuming it.”
“Hypothetically I guess that would be a solution.”

“Yeah the final source we use so much of the planet’s resources there’s just no balance. Soon would have depleted the resources so much that life can’t be sustained. And then everything will die.”

“How would they reduce the population? We’re not stupid.”

“Hitler said ‘The bigger the lie the more the people will believe it.”

“I think it will be done hit the style. The armed forces are going to kill us. They’ll follow orders; it’s what they’ve been trained to do. They’ve been taught to be racists. The army are already killing people in other countries.

People in power are using fearto fuel the racism. How long before they use this racism to make soldiers turn on their own innocent people living in a police state?”

“So what had begun controlling the monitoring of movement of individuals within the society putting chips in passports ID cards cctv.”
“They’re using this orchestrated ruse to convince the public to accept big-brother type controls and then they will intentionally reduce the mass of the world’s population mass genocide on a scale never seen before. There is a massive way they could introduce population slaughter: more staged events orchestrated and manoeuvred conflicts and the use of bio-engineered diseases. Vaccines.It could come in vaccines. Women are being encouraged to get sterilized.What if they are using cervical cancer jabs? Not this generation but the next. Prevention and cure for cancer or having babies.”

“That’s madness.”

“You’re right. They’d never wait two generations.”

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