A look at the water “shortages” in the UK and Ireland.

In Ireland Irish Water imposed a hosepipe ban across West Cork due to “severe stress” on the local water supply caused by a prolonged period of dry weather. This water conservation order was in effect across 30 local water supplies in the area beginning Monday 29thAugust. The ban forbade using a garden hose to wash a car water a garden or potted plants or fill a paddling pool.[1]Isn’t this the same that was told to central Iowa residents? Southern Water and South East Water in the UK also implemented hosepipe bans this year. Welsh Water implemented a ban on August 19 and Yorkshire Water on August 26. Thames Water had also stated that a hosepipe ban is “ready to go.”

They always start by asking for small sacrifices so as not to raise any alarm. Then slowly slowly they start imposing bigger sacrifices until they turn them into law. This replicates what they told us during Covid-19 – that the lockdown is just for two weeks until we flatten the curve. We all know that it wasn’t just two weeks.

In August a British expert group declared an official drought amid a prolonged dry spell which meant that “water rationing may take place”. [2]
The Environment Agency moved into drought in eight of its 14 areas: Devon and Cornwall Solent and South Downs Kent and south London Herts and north London East Anglia Thames Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire and the east Midlands. Later in August the same agency expected to move Yorkshire and West Midlands into drought too.

Water rationing occurred across the country with fewer barriers for water companies seeking to prohibit customers from using hosepipes or washing their cars with tap water [same measures again]. More severe measures such as prohibiting the use of sprinklers in the cleaning of buildings vehicles and windows were also being discussed for possible implementation.

Last July British families living on the Kentish Isle of Sheppey were left without water for more than 24 hours. Thus hundreds of people lined in colossal five-mile long queues for hours as the UK was hit with a sweltering heatwave [they blame climate change which they themselves are bringing about]. One local Dave Boswell said to The Sun: “It’s now getting to the stage where it’s dangerous. There’s not a drop to drink on the island.”[3]

To make matters worse due to plastic resin shortages bottled water availability did not become that available anymore:

In London the supermarket Aldi imposed a cap on the purchase of bottled water amid a drought announcement.

The way they do things shows that everything then comes together in one funnel. First they manipulate the weather which creates the climate crisis which creates droughts which leads to a lack of hydropower lack of electricity lack of water lack of irrigation lack of crops higher demand for water purchase which is becoming less produced due to a lack in the production of plastic resin and lack of hydropower.

And in Malta? Does the nation remember when we were distributed water-saving kits in mid-2020 because the Climate Change Committee had urged the government to do so? These kits were distributed for free by mobile units on the initiative of the Ministry for Energy and Water Management as part of the usual EU funds for Malta. Considering that this was part of the climate change agenda sold as the Conservation of Water Scheme [4]can the government explain if these kits were distributed as a way to educate the public to truly conserve water (which is of no harm); if they were distributed to help people consume less and thus get less costly water bills (which is also good) or if they were distributed in hindsight of the water shortages which some countries are already going through?

Are we witnessing a permanent elimination of water one of our biggest essential needs by design?


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