Rik Mayall’s 2013 film “One by One”: the chilling scene that talks about reducing world population – part 2.

Here is the continuation of the screenplay of the scene:

“In the event that I reincarnate I like to come back as a deadly virus. So it’s a contribute to solving overpopulation. Prince Philip said that. Bioengineered pathogens are being created to eliminate ethnic groups such as Blacks Hispanics Native Americans homosexuals.”
“Homosexuals? Surely that would keep the population down!”

“Yes but it’s not nature’s way. Love is not a factor when you’re dealing with how the few procreate.”

“Natural selection where the only natural element is the powers that be.”

“Population control already happens in China. You have to have a license before you can have a second child.”

“Come on how many times have you thought about how unfair it is that you have to work to have a good life whereas others breed and breed and breed get given benefits and homes. How often have you wondered like many others what real value they bring to the world population reduction programs eliminate a mind-blowing 95% of the population.”

“Eugenics is the pseudoscience of culling the excess population.”

“Fake science.”

“It will be done in a barbaric fashion using draconian methodsand this global holocaust will probably come out from under the flat of the


“I can almost imagine us being frog-marched away from our homes in a martial kind of way. No one bats an eyelid.”

“Almost 95% of the population.”

“13 out of every 14 people killed destroyed and murdered.”

“In order to stabilise the world population they need or want to dispose of six and a half billion people.”

This scene can be watched here:


In the last 30 seconds or so Rik Mayall himself is videoed saying:

“Viewers you don’t know who the cameraman is. You don’t know why you’re being made to see these things. Neither do I. You’re seeing me. I can’t even see you. I may be dead by the time you watch this.That you possibly don’t know who’s the man who’s making things he wants you to see.

Destroy your television sets now. You must listen to no orders.That’s all I can tell you for this point of the matter”.

Isn’t this speech and scene thought-provoking or reality in the making? Now this was the last film that he made back in 2013 just before he died “suddenly” on 9thJune 2014. He died at the age of 56 following a sudden heart attack.

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