One day the world will witness a vigil of candles of silent flames which flick no more – a short compilation of sudden deaths of children and teenagers.

In a blog in which I referred to a study published by The Telegraph whereby it stated that video-gaming is causing heart attacks in children my conclusion read:

“Dr Jonathan Skinner the study’s co-author said he was “staggered” to see how widespread the issue is and thatit has led to some children dying.”
In addition in the already cited October 21starticle by Times of Malta entitled “Heart check-ups are not just for the middle-aged cardiologist warns”[1] there is a part which states:

“In some cases doctors might recommend starting screening even in young children especially in those who experience symptoms or play competitive sport..”

“We don’t want to alarm people… a cardiac arrest in a young individual is a rare phenomenon ” Abela said.”

I am going to take up on the above statements to introduce and compile a series of articles by the mainstream media reporting sudden deaths in children and teens which should make the people alarmed and which show that cardiac arrest in young people is not a rare phenomenon.

9th August 2022: “Clayton middle school student diesfollowing youth football practice.” “A Clayton middle school student died Sunday following a medical emergency during an athletic practice at Clayton Valley Charter High School officials said.”[2] 12th August 2022: “Stamford family mourns after teenager’s unexpected death: ‘It wasn’t his time’[3].

15th August 2022: “Bradford County Sheriff’s Office family mourns loss of 16-year-old explorer.”

“A member of the Bradford County Sheriff’s Office Explorer program tragically died to an unexpected medical issue.”

“Laci Cheyanne Laycock 16 died as result of a sudden illness on August 6.”[4]

20th August 2022: “Teenage girl dies of cardiac arrestin Hajin”[5].

“An official said that the girl (18 years old) suffered heart attack at her home and she was subsequently taken to a nearby hospital. The official added that doctors present at the health facility declared her dead on arrival.”

20th August 2022: “16-year-old dies suddenly after suffering cardiac arrestwhile playing frisbee with family members.[6]”

22nd August 2022: “Beloved Norristown Area High School Student Dies Suddenly at 16.”[7]

24th August 2022: “Energetic schoolboy 8 dies suddenlyleaving family broken.”[8]

25thAugust 2022: “Family mourn 15-year-old who died from a cardiac arrestwhile playing football with friends.”[9]

28th August 2022: “Ambulance delays: B.C. child under 12 months suffers fatal cardiac arrest.”[10]

8th September 2022: “Randallstown High School student dies after medical emergencyat football practice.”[11]

15th September 2022: “Young football player dies unexpectedlyafter fulfilling dream of playing under the lights.” The player was a ten year old.[12]

15th September 2022: “First grader “Junebug” passes unexpectedy.” Jewel Justine “Junebug” Burch 6 unexpectedly passed away on September 8. Jewel was a first grader at Hoosick Falls Elementary School.[13]

16th September 2022: “Community in mourning after the sudden death of Co Tyrone teen.”[14]

16th September 2022: “A SEVEN-year-old schoolboy dies after a HEART attack.”[15]

16th September 2022: “Community mourns the sudden deathof 2022 Riverhead High School Graduate.”[16]

18th September 2022: “‘Taken Away Too Soon’: Northborough Teenager Suddenly Dies at 16.”[17]

26th September 2022: “Amherst community mourns death of ARHS junior.”[18]“Family friends and students at Amherst Regional High School are mourning the death of a junior who had been hospitalized since suffering an apparent cardiac issueduring a Sept. 13 cross country meet.”

23rd October 2022: “Horror as15-year-old boy collapses and diesin Browns restaurant while out with his family and friends.”[19]

24th October 2022: “High School Athlete Dies Suddenly at 16 Remembered for His ‘Everlasting Smile’[20].

It is clear that heart disease in children has exploded since the roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccines with sudden deaths of children soaring as the mainstream media is staying silent.

But I will not be silent and I will not be silenced. It does not matter if I am watched mocked blocked hated and copied because I won’t be stopped. Each day I wake up and think of all those who trusted the pathological lie which led to their homicide cutting their lives short and cutting the hearts of the loved ones they left behind in pieces. Entire families are now devastated grieving and crying while feeling the excruciating pain that a loss leaves behind.

When it comes to the loss of children and teenagers the sadness is more intense.

One day the world will witness a vigil of candles of silent flames which flick no more.

These martyrs of the 21stcentury during this worst global genocide in the history of mankind are to bypass our hearts through compassion while dreaming and hoping to see the execution of those who are guilty of this biggest crime against humanity.


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