The heart-attacks in the BBC Eastenders Coronation Street and Real Life.

On 21st October 2021 the BBC released a video entitled “Running with a heart condition that could cause sudden death”.

It is clear that media portals are producing propaganda campaigns to normalize heart failure in the sports scene:

Even soap operas are now normalising heart attacks and collapses:

On 24th October 2022 the British soap opera EastEnders has also shown Lola the protagonist collapsing in the bathroom in which what seems to be a heart attack:

In another British soap opera this time Coronation Street we get an episode where James collapses and stops breathing during a football game with his brother Michael having to perform a CPR until the ambulance arrived:

And in real life precisely on the 12th of September 2022 Cadiz goalkeeper Jeremias Ledesma spotted and was the first to notice that a fan in the crowd needed medical assistance since he was suffering from a cardiac arrest during a match in Spain. He thus sprinted to the sidelines grabbed a defibrillator and sprinted back to throw it up into the stands where the fan was. The match was stopped until the fan received medical attention and was then rushed to hospital:

How did those who were too blind to see allow them to succeed in demonising coughs and sniffles while allowing them to normalise heart attacks?

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