Hospitals are not only seeing a spike in the number of babies who need intensive care but Scotland is now investigating the spike in excess mortality rate in newborn deaths.

The world of babies has also become the subject of the mainstream media when it comes to the pandemic and the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out.

On 28th June 2022 the Daily Mail[1]reported that:

“A concerning number of ‘pandemic babies’ with no immunity to respiratory viruses are ending up seriously ill in ICU.”
“Doctors have revealed children born during the  Covid-19pandemic are requiring intensive care ‘from encountering viruses they haven’t come across before’ such as influenza RSV and Covid.”

“The children had been born and raised when there were virtually no other viruses circulating in Australia other than Covid-19.”

Dr. Philip Britton the infectious diseases paediatrician at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead said an analysis of ICU admissions across the country shows babies testing positive for influenza and Covid at the same time adding that over the last month or so they had seen four times as many hospital admissions for flu in children as for Covid.

Dr. Britton described the statistic of 5% of children who are being admitted to the ICU with infections as ‘very concerning.’ He added that approximately half of the children admitted had no pre-existing health conditions. He said that some of these ‘pandemic babies’ had chest brain and heart inflammation caused by influenza Covid and RSV.

A warning was thus sounded about RSV (or Respiratory Syncytial Virus) since from 355 cases a week in NSW the number rocketed up to 3 775 in a week!  RSV is especially dangerous and can be fatal in newborns.

In a study that included 255 babies born between March and December 2020 at New York-Morgan Presbyterian’s Stanley Children’s Hospital and Allen Hospital and which was published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics Columbia researchers found that babies born during the pandemic’s first year scored slightly lower on a developmental screening test of social and motor skills at 6 months regardless of whether their mothers had COVID during pregnancy according to Columbia researchers.[2]

On the 30th of September the BBC reported that “An investigation is to be carried out into the number of newborn baby deaths in Scotland.” [3]Following two spikes in neonatal death rates over a six-month period the Scottish government has ordered a review which will be conducted by Healthcare Improvement Scotland of the rates since both increases were greater than what would be expected. In March at least 18 babies under the age of four died. This followed the deaths of at least 21 babies in September of last year. This review will last six to nine months and will cover all reported infant deaths between April 2021 and March 2022. Hence since Scotland’s infant mortality rate is at its highest in a decade this new investigation has been launched by the same government that was also the one to give the green light for pregnant mothers-to-be to take the Covid-19 vaccine so that now the cause for this rise in newborn baby deaths is found out.

On 26thSeptember a study[4] whose purpose was to see if the Covid-29 vaccine mRNA could be detected in the expressed breast milk (EBM) of lactating women who had received the vaccination within 6 months of delivery found that trace amounts of Covid-19 vaccine mRNAs were detected in the breast milk of some lactating women.

For the first time this data showed the biodistribution of Covid-19 vaccine mRNA to mammary cells and the potential ability of tissue EVs to package the vaccine mRNA that can be transported to distant cells.

Even though the possibility of vaccine mRNAs passing through breast milk and exposing infants younger than 6 months had not been investigated governments still recommended giving COVID-19 mRNA vaccines to breastfeeding women.

And lately the Maltese government has given the green light for pregnant women to take the Omicron-specific booster and the flu vaccine!
How many of you are willing to bet that the mothers of the said babies were inoculated with the Covid-19 vaccines?


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