My opinion piece about the Economist’s September issue featuring Liz Truss her resignation and The Economist’s 2017 issue.

A few days after my blog whereby I personally gave my opinion observations and analysis of The Economist’s magazine front photo of the 7thSeptember issue featuring Liz Truss[1] we learn that Liz Truss quits and resigns from her position as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom just 44 days after her appointment.

In my blog I had written:

“This issue is called “Can Liz Truss fix Britain?” since “the new prime minister must eschew pantomime radicalism if she is to succeed.”
and I had asked: “And why is Liz Truss walking gigantically away from it all? Does it mean that she is enjoying the role she has been assigned in this circus freak show? Is she carrying a worried look or a wicked arrogant grin? Is she caring for the British or is she exposing her true nature? At the end of it all she is walking calmly away from it all nicely dressed with a handbag.”

And the hawkish diplomat not only did not fix Britain but she also did walk away from it all calmly since she decided to back down. Or was she pushed to do so by unknown magicians behind the curtain?

So yet again another blog of mine spoke the truth and came true.

And now we are going to just have a change in the driver’s seat. The train the journey and the end destination are still the same.
And it is clear that The Economist’s subtle messages are also predictions of what is ahead. Hence why we cannot take anything we are given by the mainstream media together with photos for granted. Instead we need to get the cells in our grey matter moving and we do so by asking questions.

Since The Economist seems to be always giving us subtle messages and is always on top of what is to come I would like to have the readers have a go at trying to guess what The Economist was predicting for the world in its 2017 front photo:

Is this being done in a prophetic manner or in the “The Elite is going to create this chaos” manner?

British health minister appointed by Liz Truss:


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