After going on holiday during Covid the flu is now making a comeback. Can the Times of Malta clarify if the flu and/or the Covid-19 vaccines are causing sudden death?

In its October 4tharticle the Times of Malta kept on knitting the web of fear – this time around the predicted severe flu outbreak for this coming winter.[1]

The flu which disappeared and went for a holiday for two years during Covid is making a strong comeback and is adamant to take Covid’s place and send people to hospital.

According to TOM it is the COVID-19 measures that have kept the flu at bay. But the same measures did not help to keep Covid-19 its variants and sub-variants at bay. According to the local health authorities and the same media only vaccines could do the trick even though Covid-19 is the flu rebranded.

And then the same media portal reminds the public that this is not the first time that we had flu outbreaks resulting in a high number of hospitalisations:

“In 2018 for instance Mater Dei Hospital reached full capacity in mid-January and the health authorities had no option but to transfer patients to Karen Grech Hospital.

During that outbreak 16 of every 100 individuals visiting a family doctor were suffering from influenza.

Capacity problems had also affected the Gozo General Hospital resulting in non-critical surgeries being postponed at both hospitals.”
Isn’t this similar to Covid?

I forgot to mention that it was also TOM which had reported a severe flu outbreak in 2017 as I have already pointed out in another blog. So why all this fuss?

The fuss is about the flu vaccines. Because now the media is pushing the public to go for the flu vaccines in a unique bombardment of vaccines that the world has never experienced before.

Times of Malta also cites the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control as saying that “the flu infects about 10 to 30 percent of Europe’s population every year and causes hundreds of thousands of hospitalisations across Europe”.

So has the flu turned into a dangerous illness now?

But it is the last paragraph which should raise eyebrows which reads:

“Older people younger children and those with chronic conditions are most prone but everyone is at risk of developing serious complications which include pneumonia, myocarditis and encephalitis even resulting in death.”

Serious complications from what? From the flu? From Covid-19? From the Covid-19 vaccines or from the flu vaccines? Aren’t these complications mentioned by TOM being mentioned in peer-reviewed studies and media portals? Aren’t we witnessing a lot of sudden deaths?

Is TOM hinting that the Covid-19 vaccines are causing pneumonia myocarditis encephalitis and even death? Is it asserting what this site has been stating all along?

Or is it referring to the flu vaccines? Because even IF the flu vaccines are a threat then the public should start asking more questions. At this stage who can trust the vaccine industry and Big Pharma? The vaccines are not a threat. The real threat is coming from Big Pharma and their greed to make money from the imposition of vaccines!

I would like to bring to the attention of the readers that two of the same companies that manufactured the Covid-19 vaccines will now be providing you with seasonal flu vaccines using the same mRNA technology deployed in Covid jabs. By last June Moderna was already in its phase three study [so it states] during its launch of clinical trials of flu vaccines.[2]

Whereas by September “Pfizer has beguna phase 3 clinical trial of its mRNA-based influenza vaccine keeping it tucked in behind Moderna in the race to upend the seasonal flu market using the technology that defined the response to COVID-19.”[3]

So now the traditional seasonal flu vaccine you blindly trust because it has been on the market for long will be given to you disguised as mRNA vaccine unless it is disguised under the Covid-19 ones. Since one does not know what’s in them who can tell which is which anyway? These are confusing times.

Since Covid-19 jabs are causing a lot of severe adverse reactions together with myocarditis pericarditis miscarriages cardiac arrests and deaths then what would these Pfizer and Moderna flu vaccines cause? Based on the Times of Malta’s article one can conclude that they will produce the same complications.

After all these sudden deaths can people trust the seasonal flu vaccine when this jab has the same concoctions as the Covid-19 vaccines?


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