A three meters high and six meters wide ‘no to vaccination’ poster was put up in Taranto not far from a school and near the Court.[1]

Since it is being assumed that a lawyer has signed the contract with the company that sold the ad space Digos and Carabinieri are investigating what happened. The manifesto is signed by self-styled ‘Citizens of Taranto for the freedom of choice’.

On the left of the poster one can see a doctor holding a syringe with a dripping needle.  To the right the statements read:

“Blackmailed. For an experimental therapy called vaccine on which there is military secrecy. The results are these: 76 789 dead” enhanced by images of some coffins and “6 million adverse reactions ” accompanied by the image of a man having a heart attack.

Then at the foot of the poster the statement reads: “Get information to save yourself“.

While the political circus is giving its worst with something that must have gone very wrong in this circus since clowns are everywhere this poster certifies why millions of people have decided not to give strength to this rotten system and that hundreds of people throughout Italy are taking action in the first person to raise awareness among their fellow citizens.

And this was photographed in Melbourne Australia:


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