How the Covid app and QR code have been turned into a total surveillance tool to crack down on dissent in China.

Vaccine passports’ digital ID is and will serve as a Trojan horse for greater government digital ID surveillance and control in society eventually leading to a central bank digital currency (CBDC) and social credit scores. This is not a conspiracy theory because this creepy mission is taking place in other countries right now.

I am going to start with what is happening in China. The Chinese government has developed the world’s first QR code Covid contact track app also known as the vaccine passport which is compulsory in China. Now the same government has turned it into a surveillance tool to control people’s moves. This is because this QR code has a colour code and it can restrict Chinese movement. If it turns green it means you are healthy and you can go on with your daily life. If it turns yellow or red it means you present a risk. In the below video Wang Yu a Chinese human rights lawyer states that this software is being used as a form of state control. This lawyer who has been a critic of the regime is not able to move around freely as she is often under house arrest. Dr. Wang Yu cannot even go shopping and when she needs to go to court for a sensitive case the app shows a yellow code even after multiple negative PCR tests. Even to use a taxi or get access to hospitals one needs to show the QR code. Every time it is scanned names and locations are passed on to the police. Footage dated 23rd July 2022 is the following:

Another footage dated 22ndJune 2022 shows how Beijing is using the pandemic to create this surveillance network: and how the yellow and red colour codes are used to quarantine:

On 24thAugust according to Chinese media Da Ji Yuan 100 000 people had to rush to queue for the PCR test when their QR code turned yellow in Shenzhen. If they did not turn up for this PCR test so that their QR code was turned green they would not have been able to return to work or home. Due to the heat some people fainted from heat stroke while waiting in the hot conditions.

Some ended up sleeping on the streets because they missed a PCR test therefore their QR codes preventing them from entering their apartments. This claim that Chinese citizens in Shenzhen have been forced to sleep on the streets due to their QR codes locking them out of their apartments follows China reporting the discovery of a new zoonotic virus known as the “Langya” henipavirus as reported on Tuesday August 9.[1]

CHINA – Numerous reports coming through of citizens having to sleep on the streets in Shenzhen because they missed PCR tests and QR codes showing red prevented them from entering their apartment.

On 24th August in Chongqing city 30 million residents also ended up queuing for the whole night in searing heat to take a mandatory Covid test since the Chinese authorities switched the colour of all residents’ QR code apps to orange again. For them to turn it back to green they had to do this mandatory testing.[2]

All charging stations in China are owned by the Chinese government and one must use a digital wallet app to charge his car by scanning the QR code on the screen. This is similar to what I have reported in Sri Lanka where residents have to use the QR code to buy their government-allocated portion of fuel. In China’s case any Chinese resident who does not follow the government’s instructions is disconnected from everything. In fact Chinese residents now cannot use the train or public transport.

In its “quest of zero-Covid policy” identical cameras across Shanghai’s Xuhui district are popping up above shop doors. According to three shop owners they’ve been put up by authorities to check that people are scanning QR codes. This is fresh news from last September:

And the Chinese government has also extended this surveillance tool to foreign countries after opening extrajudicial “police stations in the US Canada and Europe to monitor Chinese citizens.”[3]The majority of police stations are located in Europe with locations in cities such as London Amsterdam Prague Budapest Athens Paris Madrid and Frankfurt. Four of the stations are also located in North America with three in Toronto and one in New York City. In total 54 such stations can be found in 30 different countries. According to a report released by Safeguard Defenders a human rights watchdog:

“These operations eschew official bilateral police and judicial cooperation and violate the international rule of law and may violate the territorial integrity in third countries involved in setting up a parallel policing mechanism using illegal methods.”

Why are such stations popping up in Western nations all over the world? Is this a quiet hostile invasion? Shouldn’t these be just only in China or its colonies?

And as of this month China has started enforcing its zero-Covid policy with machine guns at Xishuangbanna Airport in Yunnan. In this footage people are screaming “Are you going to kill us all?”

Also a footage dated 14th October shows how millions of Chinese cannot take trains and planes anymore because of their social credit score:

Considering that the world followed China when it comes to Covid what makes one think that the world won’t follow China in this QR code system and regime of control and surveillance?


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