has also become part of the propaganda machine clique!

Gwida the oldest magazine in Malta which largely covers entertainment and television was first published in 1962 and “for many years it was published on a weekly basis until recently when it started being published every month.”

It was on 6th December 2021 when its outgoing editor said that it was going to have its format changed as from 2022.[1]But it did not only change the format but it has also become another propaganda machine for the government and the narrative of the vaccines. After all it covers entertainment and tell-a-vision so it is very apt to have the government and the vaccines part of such entertainment and “ the tales of vision.”

On 20th October Gwida wanted to make sure to “encourage” more people to take the flu vaccine by publishing an article entitled “It-Tilqima Inħolqot Biex Tipproteġini… Qed Nistenna Bil-Ħerqa Li Din It-Tilqima Tkun Disponibbli” – Qarrejja ta’ [“The vaccine was created to protect me…I am eagerly waiting for this vaccine to become available” – a reader of].[2]

In it recounts a message which they received from a reader which narrates her experience reflections trials and tribulations of the flu vaccine. This reader stated that although she is against vaccines this year she changed her mind because she found the clinic of her GP to who she needed to talk full of people who crowded both the waiting room and the pavement.

On her way back home she decided to go to the Polyclinic where the number on the screen showed 30 while her turn ticket was numbered 60.
When she returned to her GP in the afternoon and evening again she found the same queue. It was here that she reflected and decided to take the flu vaccine so that she is protected against the seasonal illnesses. Her analysis was that if people do not vaccinate themselves as they did with eagerness for the Covid-19 vaccines then our health system would crumble. She asked: if the situation is already this bad when we are still in October what is going to happen in winter?

According to her: “It-tilqima ħolquha nies għorrief u professjonali fil-qasam mediku. L-istat Malti nforma ruħu qabel investa f’din it-tilqima u b’responsabbiltà offrihieli.”(The vaccine was created by wise and professional people in the medical field. The Maltese State informed itself before it invested in this vaccine and is offering it to me with responsibility.)

And then this person concluded that she became convinced that this vaccine is more beneficial than harmful and thus she is waiting eagerly for it. Thus she encourages others to do like her to protect themselves and those dear to them.

I am sure the vaccines of past and present are working considering that this doctor’s clinic and the polyclinic were full to the brim with sick people.

Can we bet that the majority (if not all) of the people that crowded the GP’s clinic and the Polyclinic are vaccinated whose immune system has been severely damaged by the Covid-19 vaccines?

Did we have one media that challenged the vaccines’ narrative except this site? And when they made you believe they are doing so it was because they were given the green light by the controller because something else was going to follow which was going to make the same controller look kind and well-meaning!

What a slick article with a cleverly devised narrative! Do people have a right to refuse a vaccine? Do people have a right to refuse anything that the government “offers”?

Why is joining the narrative and pushing for the uptake of vaccines this time the flu ones? What should be stated is that when the people were forced to take the Covid jab the flu vaccine was not marketed. Why? also publishes a series of articles about statements in favour of the administration of the Covid-19 vaccines by Dr Frank Portelli who has changed his initial tune because of the excessive use of this vaccine.

And please do not just dare to say “live and let live” towards such articles. This is not the right attitude and philosophical stance to take when we are talking about these deadly vaccines and their concoctions life death and human rights.

Truly has turned itself into another propaganda mouthpiece of the government and its narrative when it comes to pressurizing the public to take vaccines.

Ironically underneath this nice love story with the flu vaccine gives a free advertisement to another sudden death of a 55-year-old DJ who died suddenly while on air:[3]


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