Will the world witness an economical and food supply collapse?

As from last April “countries around the world particularly in Europe have started rationing food and fuel.”[1]

After the majority of the continent’s nations imposed economic sanctions on Russia following its invasion of Ukraine Europe’s food and fuel shortages started. This posed a threat to the flow of commodities which were already in high demand in Europe and to the already frail global supply networks.

As a result the cost of everything has increased from wheat to oil resulting in inflation leading to stagflation. The supply of these basic goods has also decreased because of the entire cessation of Russian shipments. There are rations for sunflower oil wheat dairy goods and gas.
A three-stage emergency plan has been started in Germany to maintain the nation’s natural gas supply. In order to get around Western sanctions on Russia Russian President Vladimir Putin had previously asked that Germany pay for Russian gas in rubles.

Natural gas supply to “some individual large users” was “targeted” and shut off during the first phase of the contingency plan. This rationing scheme according to German Vice-Chancellor and Economy Minister Robert Habeck was a precautionary measure to ensure that the nation does not experience severe shortages.

Germany started making efforts to lessen or do away with its reliance on Russian gas. Before the war Russia supplied Germany with 55% of its natural gas. This proportion was decreased to 40% with the aid of natural gas deliveries from the Netherlands France and Belgium.
“The collapse is underway … and there are no signs of slowing down anytime soon ” said Harrison Smith of InfoWars. “In fact all the evidence points to the contrary. It suggests that those in charge and able to avert the downfall are doing whatever they can to aggravate and perpetuate the total collapse of the global economy particularly in Western countries.”

“All of this is based on globalism. It wouldn’t be such a big problem if we didn’t source our toilet paper from China ” he said. “If a ship that runs aground in the Suez Canal literally on the other side of the world somehow means I can’t buy toilet paper… then that’s a problem and it’s a problem in our world structure.”

Smith the host of “American Journal” on InfoWars stated that if the international economy were not so highly dependent on imports from other nations the war in Ukraine would not have posed such a significant problem for other countries’ food and fuel supply.

How relevant is this comic which is over eighty years old for today’s times!

And slightly before all this (apart from the sudden deaths of the vaccinated and their hospitalizations) started being rolled out besides many more things going on behind the scenes nations “were given back” their freedom and their “back to normal” life (which both never truly were) as a means of distraction. As the ancient Roman poet Juvenal had stated “Give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt” to describe the method by which an unresponsive government can placate a whole population.

Basically for as long as the powerful are able to supply the masses with a rudimentary level of food and a steady stream of entertainment they will be able to prevent a significant level of civil unrest.

For how long will nations be supplied with food and what will happen shall this won’t remain the case?


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