The Covid-19 vaccine is truly unique in history.

Among all the vaccines I know of from those of diphtheria tetanus measles rubella chickenpox hepatitis meningitis and tuberculosis among others I have never encountered a vaccine that required us to keep social distance and wear masks even after receiving all the doses.

A vaccine that allows the spread of the virus even after administration is something I had never heard of.

I had never heard of rewards discounts and incentives that were introduced during the Covid-19 vaccine campaign.

I never saw the discrimination I witnessed for those who refused it. If you haven’t been vaccinated for any of the vaccines I mentioned above no one would have tried to make you feel like a bad person call you an “anti-vaxxer” a label which was created by the governments and the Globalist Elite in order to demonize such people. No one would have tried to call you a “conspiracy theorist” which in reality means you are an informed person and thus a threat to authority and to the system but not to society.

I have never seen a vaccine putting the relationships between family members friends and co-workers in jeopardy.

Never have I witnessed the use of a vaccine to jeopardize jobs education or daily living.

I have never seen a vaccine where a 12-year-old could refuse parental permission and take the said vaccine.

I have never seen anything like the Covid vaccination which divides judges and discriminates against society as it is.

And as the social fabric tightens it is a vaccine that does all of the above except immunization.

I have not seen anything like the Covid vaccination where governments preached that they want to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated by forcing the unvaccinated to take the same vaccine which does not protect the vaccinated!

I have never seen a vaccine that created such a disruption in society the economy education and logistics.

I have never seen a vaccine which once its vaccination rate went up the case numbers did not go down.

I have never seen a vaccine that coerced nations to embrace it while going through a continuous cycle of the removal and the reinstatement of restrictions based on metrics that were never clinically relevant.

I have never seen a vaccine that is part and parcel of the coercion the withholding and manipulation of data the cherry-picking of studies social conditioning fear-mongering and censorship of their so-called fraudulent science.

If the vaccinated still needed a booster dose after they got fully vaccinated (supposedly) and they still needed to get a negative test and still be hospitalized those who fell for this game must awaken to the realization and admit that they have been completely deceived.

And now that the quota has been achieved with the vaccinated millions are walking around with odious chemicals causing subclinical cardiovascular diseases among others and anatomy which is eroding faster than a decaying corpse.

There is a historical precedent in the U.S. on mass vaccination and one to recall which is the swine flu pandemic back in 1976. When they had gotten to about a quarter of 220 million Americans vaccinated against the swine flu with 25 deaths and 550 cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome the swine flu vaccination program was shut down.[1]So yes….other past vaccines did cause some deaths or gave rise to new ailments or diseases or even maimed people but the Covid-19 vaccine is killing people on a massive scale and yet its vaccination program was not shut down.  Clearly nothing was learned from “The fiasco of the 1976 ‘swine flu affair’”.

So to have authorities stating to trust the science is a euphemism for trusting the system because science was never trustworthy for surely since 1976. We were just brainwashed to believe that vaccines are not harmful and are part and parcel of health safety and prevention. One wonders what has happened to our God-given natural immunity. One wonders what is truly the cause of all the ailments we have. Past and current vaccines? The petroleum-based drugs? Pesticides? Chemicals sprayed in our skies? Food additives? An endless list….

Big Pharma is playing God.

It is unacceptable and ungodly to have anyone taking an injection electively and die.

Yet all those who followed and complied with the mainstream narrative have unfortunately become complicit in all the agenda being rolled out.

The conclusion is crystal clear. The PCR tests were rigged. The Covid-19 death count was false. Masks were useless. All were part of a well-planned and coordinated effort globally so that the Covid-19 vaccine is eagerly awaited hailed and revered “bħal manna mis-sema” or “bread from heaven”.
Covid-19 vaccines are poison. The governments and the mainstream media are lying.


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