And for by Pharmakeia all nations were deceived.

When the WHO reconvened its second meeting on July 23rdso to discuss whether to declare monkeypox a health emergency it also issued “temporary recommendations which apply to different groups of States Parties based on their epidemiological situation patterns of transmission and capacities” and which fall under four different groups. Each State Party at any given point in time might fall either under Group 1 or under Group 2. Some State Parties may also fall under Group 3 and/or Group 4. I will not go through these as they are quite lengthy but they are important as these might give a future scenario of where nations might be led to with this latest creation of the monkeypox scenario.  For those who want to keep themselves informed they can read the WHO website here:

What I will go through are some of the statements in the section called “Surveillance and public health measures”. This section talks about what states parties with recently imported cases of monkeypox in the human population and/or otherwise experiencing human-to-human transmission of monkeypox virus including in key population groups and communities at high risk of exposure should do. I think Malta is one of these states’ parties since the media told us that a traveller imported the first local case of monkeypox and now we are experiencing human-to-human transmission.
1. “Intensify surveillance for illness compatible with monkeypox as part of existing national surveillance schemes including access to reliable affordable and accurate diagnostic tests.”

2. “Report to WHO on a weekly basis and through channels established under the provision of the IHR probable and confirmed cases of monkeypox including using the minimum data set contained in the WHO Case Report Form (CRF).” [meaning again it is the WHO that is in control.]

3. “Strengthen laboratory capacity and international specimens referral capacities as needed for the diagnosis of monkeypox virus infection and related surveillance based on the use of nucleic acid amplification testing (NAAT) such as real-time or conventional polymerase chain reaction (PCR).”[meaning swab tests will again be used.]

4. “Isolate cases for the duration of the infectious period.” [meaning quarantine a number of people at the same time again thus disrupting the economy.]

6. “During the isolation period cases should be advised on how to minimise the risk of onward transmission.”

7. “Conduct contact tracingamong individuals in contact with anyone who may be a suspected probable or confirmed case of monkeypox including: contact identification (protected by confidentiality) management and follow-up for 21 days through health monitoring which may be self-directed or supported by public health officers. Policies related to the management of contacts should encompass health psychological material and essential support to adequate living.”[meaning we are at this contact tracing thing again. Considering that our local covid-19 contact tracing app stopped working on July 6th[1] then I am assuming that the local health authorities either won’t use contact tracing or will come up with a ‘monkeypox contact tracing app’ or everything will be done behind the scenes or they will tell us that the individual is responsible for his own health and thus leave it to the individual.]

8.“Consider the targeted use of second- or third-generation smallpox or monkeypox vaccines (hereafter referred to as vaccine(s)) for post-exposure prophylaxis in contacts including household sexual and other contacts of community cases and health workerswhere there may have been a breach of personal protective equipment (PPE).” [meaning the Maltese authorities will vaccinate all those in bold. And if we have cases of monkeypox in children like in the U.S.[2]I assume that parents or guardians other members of the same household and staff in schools will be vaccinated too.]

9. “Consider the targeted use of vaccines for pre-exposure prophylaxis in persons at risk of exposure; this may include health workersat high risk of exposure laboratory personnelworking with orthopox viruses clinical laboratory personnelperforming diagnostic testing for monkeypox and communities at high risk of exposure or with high-risk behaviours such as persons who have multiple sexual partners.” [meaning the Maltese authorities will also vaccinate these in bold.]

10. “Engage the communities at high risk of exposure in the decision-making process regarding any vaccine rollout.” [the joke of the day. Governments never engage communities. They coerce and impose.]

It is very clear that they are trying to replicate the Covid-19 scenario again but for now with less hype. It is becoming more clear that the pharmaceutical industry and its pied pipers (the WHO the governments and all the other health bodies) are using the skill of deceit to drive the herds to the slaughterhouse.

“And for by Pharmakeia all nations were deceived.” [Revelations 18:23]


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