Once the WHO and the governments were allowed to break the law for an “emergency” they will then create an “emergency” to break the law.

On May 22–27 WHO member nations gathered in Geneva without much media fanfare to debate significant modifications to the International Health Regulations (IHR). With the support of over 50 other governments the Biden administration put out the 13 changes to the IHR in January.
But governments are now working on new amendments which will be submitted by September while they are also drafting as I have already written in other blogs a new International Pandemic Treaty a legally binding treatment pushed by the European Union[1]which would have significant legal weight under international law forcing states to implement domestic lockdowns for example.

According to The Telegraph[2] this won’t happen for two reasons: the Chinese government would not allow the international organization to tell it what to do and the American Senate would need a two-thirds majority to approve it. Yet China worked hand in hand with the WHO for the onset of the pandemic.

On May 25th not everything went as planned by the globalists because in a statement read out by Botswana on behalf of the 47 AFRO members it announced that it would collectively withhold its support for the “reforms ” about which many African members were deeply concerned.[3]
Several other nations also expressed doubts about the revisions and said they would not be backing them. Brazil Russia India China South Africa Iran and Malaysia were among them with Brazil stating that it will completely withdraw from the WHO rather than have its people subject to the proposed modifications. Pity that Malta is not one of these countries with a Maltese government who has turned into a sycophant of the EU.
Thus the WHO and the wealthy nations who supported it ultimately had to back down. But instead of giving up they “pivoted ” as they always do and now the treaty will be re-submitted along with the proposed revisions during the 77th Health Assembly conference in 2024 while forming a new working group to provide “technical suggestions on the proposed amendments.”

Republicans in the US have also been quite vocal in their opposition and some of them have introduced new proposals that would grant the US Congress and Senate the authority to override any WHO mandates or directions made as part of any international agreements.
“One called the ‘No WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty Without Senate Approval Act’ has 15 co-sponsors and was introduced to the Senate by Republican Senator Ron Johnson who said “The sovereignty of the United States is not negotiable”.”[4]

Although there was this setback experts have warned that “The push to further empower the World Health Organizationremains a major threat to U.S. national sovereignty and self-government.”[5]So it is for the EU states.

American state and federal lawmakers are firmly opposing all this with international law and health care experts cautioning that the ultimate objective of the WHO is not to preserve health but to impose “medical tyranny” on humanity. Actually it already did during Covid-19.
Francis Boyle professor of international law at the University of Illinois and who also wrote the 1989 legislation implementing the Biological Weapons Convention that was unanimously approved by Congress said that “This is just another major totalitarian power grab by the CDC the WHO Bill Gates Big Pharma the biowarfare industry the People’s Republic of China and others to impose their medical tyranny upon the human race.”
He called the WHO a “criminal organization” that is “completely rotten corrupt and despicable” and he vehemently argued against giving the WHO any more authority power and money.

“It’s nothing more than a front organization for Pharma the biowarfare industry and Gates ” Boyle said saying it should be allowed to “rot on the vine” and then “twist slowly slowly in the wind.”

According to Boyle who has worked on numerous high-profile cases leading WHO officials should be taken into consideration for potential prosecution for crimes against humanity while also pointing to the agency’s role in promoting the Covid-19 vaccines which he called “dangerous frankenshots”.

Lawmakers legal experts and top medical specialists are also raising concerns about what they believe to be the WHO’s ultimate goal: centralized global control over humanity.

Dr. Peter McCullough chief of the Division of Nutrition and Preventive Medicine at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak Michigan and author John Leake have warned that there are shadowy forces at work. They said that “The World Health Organization is a key component of what we refer to as the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex (whose agenda is set by the Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum) and aspires to establish global centralized government by way of public health policy especially in response to emerging infectious diseases—real perceived exaggerated and fabricated.”

According to other experts medical professionals and lawyers the WHO is attempting to violate people’s rights while pretending to protect their safety and health.

Well it already did so hand in hand with the governments during Covid-19. And once both were allowed to break the law for an “emergency” with the new treaty they will then create an “emergency” to break the law.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) of the United States has openly warned that the WHO is attempting to establish a “global government” with the authority to impose regulations akin to those that were in place during the COVID outbreak.

Yet Malta and the EU are working hand in hand with the WHO to bring about this global government.


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