The story of a young woman who got paralyzed after taking the first dose of the Moderna vaccine.

In November 2021 the NBC Investigates published the story of how a young woman’s life was changed after she became paralysed by the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine after the same woman was interviewed by the same media portal.[1]

According to the script which the media portals are ordered to keep to we read: “While most side-effects [of the Covid-19 vaccines] are mild to moderate and brief there are rare cases of severe reactions. Tiffany Daly is one of those rare cases.”

Daly was a very active young woman practising hiking camping and other activities. But everything changed on July 22nd when she suddenly lost the feeling in her legs and collapsed while at work in her job in Long Beach California. After spending more than a week in hospital undergoing numerous brain scans and MRIs she was diagnosed with transverse myelitis an inflammation in her spine by a neurologist.

was probably brought on by the first dose of the Moderna COVID vaccine she had gotten more than six weeks prior to the incident.
“I was just confused because I was paralyzed and I was scared you know?” Daly said. “And that’s like the last thing I kind of wanted to hear: I was paralyzed by the Moderna vaccine.”

As the usual common script we are seeing in the mainstream media the lie that they sell as truth is that Daly is a rare case and despite such rare cases “the CDC and medical experts reiterate the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective.” But the media did not write “a rare case” but “one of those rare cases” meaning there are more cases like Daly.]

The media truly knows how to play with people’s minds because it plays with the numbers’ games by trying not to alarm the people while making them think that Daly was a rare case and she is one of the few if not the only woman to have become paralysed with the Covid-19 vaccine. And let’s say Daly is doesn’t one life matter too? But I am 100% sure that she is not the only case. I am sure there are many more silent cases around the world. One must also keep in mind that not only are such cases the victims we are hearing of during this unprecedented period in history but even their families and carers are because such cases unfortunately bring about expenses disruptions and pressure on the same families and carers.

If the media which many folks believe so much had to publish the exact numbers of all those vaccinated who have become paralysed after the Covid-19 vaccine would the same folks continue to believe it? Would the same folks continue to trust Big Pharma and co? Wouldn’t the same folks become enlightened and realise they were conned?

A safe and effective vaccine does not cause any ailments and diseases let alone paralysis! Did the leaflets of the Covid-19 vaccines which the vaccinated were given mention paralysis as one of the adverse reactions? Doesn’t all this show that it is very clear that people were lied to about the Covid-19 vaccines?

This woman’s active and healthy life was not only brought to a halt but now she cannot go to work anymore. The media portal says that she is not insured and did not hold her temporary position long enough to be eligible for full-time benefits. Thus she was moved into her mother’s Oceanside home in a retirement community where her mother is now her full-time caregiver.


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