Further comments by the vaccinated and the adverse-reaction that the Covid-19 vaccine has procured them.

While our Health Minister is boasting that the monkeypox vaccines have finally made it to the island some Covid-19 vaccinated citizens think it otherwise.

The following are comments which were written by sufferers of the Covid-19 vaccine under Gwida’s article “L-Ewwel Dożi tal-Vaċċin tal-Monkeypox f’Malta” – Id-Deputat Prim Ministru U Ministru Għas-Saħħa Chris Fearne”[1]. There were other comments which show the reality of our health services and how some are awakening to what is truly going on:

[Thank you but I am giving it a miss. Because if I was told that I was going to spend six months with all my bones and muscles aching I would have put my mind at rest. But it happened that no one knew why and how and what I was supposed to do to stop the ugly pain that took hold of me..Thank God the pain subsided after six months.  In addition I happen to know some friends of mine young and healthy who ended up having trouble in their heart. Hence I decided that if I have to die I just die. But living in pain and with the fear of the unknown…does not do me a favour.

Go and tell this to all those who think they are wise. Who has pitied you? Certainly the Minister. So why doesn’t he take it himself and administer it to his family?
Both myself and my husband are still in pain.]

[No way I took the second booster and I can’t get better. One thing after another.
It is clear you want to reduce the population you scum 5 vaccines in a year!!!!]

[The covid vaccine has put my health 100 years backward. My health has deteriorated. We are talking about a 47 year old I used to be super healthy. Now all one hears is about daily deaths of people of my age or younger. I prefer to take a chance rather than continuing to poison my body with stuff.
We are becoming like drug addicts with all this virus.
What repercussions does this vaccine have? After having everyone hearing about how much health has deteriorated in those who took the other vaccine this one does not attract me either. Pass.
It is much better if he helps more serious cases instead of wasting money on a vaccine that no one wants…people have become a number for you. It is a matter of “ok me fuck you Jack”.
You can take it yourself because I won’t take more.]

[It is better if you see what is happening with the ADHD medicine. You drove everyone crazy because they were changed four times! Tell me how someone can live like this each time you must restart all over with new side-effects and different symptoms!
Oh there is monkeypox in Malta.

It is better if you see what is happening at hospital. There is a lot of confusion. I have been waiting for an MRI appointment for four months which by the way has to be done at St. James hospital but the last list that was sent to them was that of March. What a shame and then you boast of these imported vaccines. There are far more needs than an injection.]

[No more vaccines thank you… you can keep them all.
It is better if you take care of the disaster and lethargy that there is in Mater Dei Minister than getting lost in stupid matters. A family man was admitted with cholelithiasis and he went to the emergency department standing but was taken out from the mortuary room because he ended up with infections due to carelessness that there was. He was kept bleeding from two to five in the afternoon when the visiting hour is due and his wife finds him still in that state. No one took accountability. You fucked him from this world shame on you.
Another thing… how fast were Covid-19 vaccines found etc…nand those for cancer? One ponders why no one has ever managed to find a solution… my mind boggles.]


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