Were the Covid-19 vaccines stockpiled in advance of the start of the Covid-19 pandemic?

During an interview on ONE radio our health minister Dr Fearne had told the host that scientists have worked really hard to produce the Covid-19 vaccine in a short period of time.  This means that since Covid-19 started at the end of 2019 with the vaccine roll-out starting in December 2020 locally the time-frame for scientists to isolate and study this new and unknown famous virus manufacture and distribute billions of doses was that of approximately nine months. So if this was the case in a nutshell he was telling us that these vaccines were rushed.

To the question “Since the vaccines are being produced at record speed should I worry about safety?” the answer on our local health government website (health.gov.mt) [1]is:

“ The usual time frame for producing a vaccine is usually 10-15 years. COVID vaccines however are being produced in less than 12 months so the question regarding safety is a relevant question. There are several important factors that explain why the vaccine has been produced in such a short period of time but not at the expense of safety.

These include[here I included my thoughts in brackets]:

high levels of cooperation between stakeholders such as governments private industry and NGOs to come up with an effective safe vaccine. [Was these vaccines’ profit distributed among those all involved parties too?]

massive financial commitment of industry and governments to develop the vaccines . [Meaning vaccines were funded from the people’s taxes besides Bill Gates who gave millions for these vaccines’ funding but from which he also earned $200 billion [2]. Pity the people didn’t!]

researchers were able to build on work that had already been done. For example techniques for using mRNA in vaccines had already been developed for cancer therapy and a large amount of research had been carried out on other Coronaviruses . [Still cancer was not eradicated. So these mRNA vaccines are not even safe and efficient for cancer let alone.]

the regulatory agencies responsible for vaccine approval have been reviewing the data from the trials on an ongoing basis instead of reviewing all the data at the end . [Meaning they knew about the fatalities and side-effects from the beginning.]

some companies have taken the risk of producing large amounts of their vaccine before obtaining approval so the vaccine would be available straight away once approved [Meaning there was no monitoring and no checks and balances.]

These factors have been crucial in shortening the time [from 10 to 15 years to less than 12 months is quite a shortening!]
from the development of COVID-19 vaccines without compromising safety. There are many strict measures in place to help ensure that COVID-19 vaccines will be safe. [Why not “to help ensure that COVID-19 vaccines “are”safe?] All COVID-19 vaccines applying for marketing authorization on the EU market need to go through the usual rigorous independent scientific assessment of the European Medicines Agency before being approved for use.


Further monitoring and studies are ongoing” [Weren’t we told in the fifth point above that companies made vaccines before obtaining approval? So under which assessment did they then get approval after finishing the manufacturing process?]

What if we consider another possible scenario whereby these vaccines were stockpiled years in advance? In my opinion this scenario makes more sense because it works hand in glove with the Covid-19 depopulation pre-planned plan. Doesn’t this show that the medical establishment through Big Pharma is working hand in hand with the global cabal to facilitate the depopulation agenda?

The below post written by someone who has worked in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry for almost three decades gives a more detailed insight about this while validating my thought. It says:

“Having worked in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry for almost three decades I’d love to know the logistics of this clotshot manufacture. For if all the clotshot manufacturers combined were able to make this at a rate of one dose per second it would take almost 32 years to make a billion doses. Where’s it all coming from? Some people are onto their fourth dose lol.  They want to vaccinate the population of the world several times yet where are the new manufacturing facilities? Where is the mass staff recruitment? It would take a minimum of six months to train a technician in the very basics of vessel competency yet here we are an unlimited supply of this treatment! It’s almost like….it’s been stockpiled years in advance?!”

[1] https://deputyprimeminister.gov.mt/en/health-promotion/covid-19/Pages/vaccines.aspx

[2] https://www.financialexpress.com/industry/bill-gates-making-200-billion-from-vaccines-microsoft-co-founder-explains-math-behind-returns/2092891/

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