An excellent post by Daniel Muscat about the situation in our “Malta Tagħna Lkoll”.

I am here bringing to the attention of the reader an excellent post by a Maltese citizen Daniel Muscat about the situation in Malta.  He hits the nail on its head.

[The country that I happened to be born in is becoming more and more unbearable to live in. Every day one of the first thoughts that comes to my mind is what shall I do to leave and start my life somewhere else. It is not easy because I have grown my roots here. And it is not something that I really want because I like my country or I used to like it. But the more time passes the more I am abhorring it. And I know I am not alone. This sentiment is one which is being felt in my generation and even among the youngersters.Do you blame us? Who wants to live in a country like this? An island the size of a dot has been turned into a construction site due to greed. Cranes closed roads like you’re in a labyrinth cars stuck in traffic one after the other dust terrible blocks sticking out from everywhere a sea with slime coming at you beaches strewn with deckchairs…Our country was taken by a gang of bullies and criminals. And then you see police officers this morning conspiring with the operators of the deckchairs who took a beautiful beach and made it theirs. You see videos of a contractor who has turned Malta into one full of ugly buildings being lifted on the shoulders and taking pictures with amateurish politicians. You see a PA board approving one monstrous building after another.Our country is crumbling piece by piece with the blessing of the authorities while others are fattening their pockets from the continuous rape (of the country) and while others can enjoy a villa with a pool or escape on a yacht to Ibiza or a Greek island you must sit here fighting for space. You hope that you won’t get stuck in traffic that the road you want to pass through is not closed that neighbours won’t do some changes to their building to make it become higher thus covering your solar panels from the sun; that the cage of apartment for which you have indebted yourself with the bank for life to buy it is not going to become lacking light under a tower; that the garden behind you does not become a road that the beach where there are no jellyfish is not occupied by deckchairs and umbrellas that there is no slime in the sea…

Either this way or else leave!]

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