The media admits that Covid is not the cause of the current reported rise of excess deaths. Can NSO give a statistical picture of Malta’s situation?

As recently as July 2022 after witnessing loads of media articles reporting an unusual phenomenon of sudden deaths from people of all ages especially the young the Telegraph admits that “Excess deaths are on the rise – but not because of Covid”.[1]
The British Office for National Statistics data is leading the so-called “health experts” to “call for urgent investigation into what is causing this excess mortality” since “hundreds more people than usual are dying each week in England and Wales” but this time Covid is not to blame.
The media also states that “Latest data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show there were 1 540 excess deaths in the week ending June 24 but only around 10 per cent were due to coronavirus.”
Interestingly the ONS reported

752 extra deaths at home 30% more than usual and more than hospitals and care facilities combined. Why are more people suddenly dying in their own home?
Concerns that the pandemic response lack of access to treatment and even the current cost of living crisis may be to blame have prompted health professionals to demand for an immediate inquiry into what is causing the excess mortality. Can these health professionals start connecting the dots instead of coming up with non-sensical causes like “the current cost of living”? How is the current cost of living causing excess deaths?? What scientific reason will these health experts come up with to justify this reason?
And when it comes to “lack of access to treatment” isn’t this implying that treatment was denied whenever a patient tested positive for Covid-19 since swab tests were obligatory before undergoing any treatment? Does this mean that this is still ongoing now? Could it also be that now hospitals are full of vaccine-injured patients who are taking up hospital beds does denying treatment to others while they themselves are over-exerting the current access to treatments?
Despite hundreds of Covid deaths in 2022 the number of deaths in England and Wales before the end of March was fewer than typical. However the scenario has changed over the past three months with Covid deaths declining while overall deaths are on the rise. So this should imply that the vaccines are working when on the other hand it is clear that they are not due to the current excess mortality rate.
Prof. Paul Hunter a medical professor at the University of East Anglia suggested that some of the excess may be caused by Covid-weakened individuals because he believes that the illness raises the risk of heart attacks and strokes. So the tune being played by this so-called expert still revolves around Covid because if it is not Covid then it is long Covid and if it is not long Covid it is Covid-weakened individuals because according to this professor Covid is now causing heart attacks or strokes. Aren’t these being brought about by the Covid-19 vaccines? Are they covid-weakened individuals or vaccine-weakened individuals? Can this professor investigate whether these deaths are occurring in vaccinated individuals? Also didn’t case studies international health bodies and the mainstream media itself confirmed that the vaccine is causing heart attacks? So why is this professor blaming Covid?
Yet Profs Hunter also issued a warning that further more complicated elements might be in play. We can only guess what these complicated elements might be and what is their cause.
A government investigation into the factors contributing to the high number of home deaths was also demanded by Dr. Charles Levinson CEO of the for-profit GP firm DoctorCall.
He said: “This is exactly why

a proper government investigation is required ” he said. “This is not just displacement from hospitals… I do not understand how this is not being properly discussed.”
Dr Levinson added: “

The reasons behind these horrific numbers are complicated and none of us fully understand them so that is exactly why there should be an urgent and comprehensive Government inquiry.
“If anything

the situation seems to be worsening. Considering the relentless focus on one virus for more than two years

requesting answers from Government on thousands and thousands of non-Covid excess deaths is entirely reasonable.” 
It would be interesting to have our National Statistics Office come up with statistics on our mortality rates and under what circumstances did these deaths occur.

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