Swedish fintech company Doconomy and Mastercard have partnered together to launch a new credit card and a mobile banking solution that monitors the carbon footprint of citizens.

Barbara Baarsma CEO of Rabo Carbon Bank (not Rabo Bank but Rabo Carbon Bank) is advocating for a “Personal Carbon Wallet”. [1]
That might not sound like a big thing but after hearing what she has to say you should be concerned—in fact you should be extremely concerned.
In an interview which can be watched and listened to here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgPpjZnkCfkshe says:

“Let’s ensure that every household or every citizen of the Netherlands [meaning that this mirrors what each and every citizen of the world will have] receives a certain amount of carbon emission rights. This way we can ensure that we do not emit more than our yearly limit. Your emission rights will be stored in a carbon wallet. So if I wanted to fly I would buy some carbon emission rights from someone who can’t afford to fly. For example this way this poor person can earn some extra money.

Or if someone lives in a small house he can sell his emission rights to someone who lives in a big house this way poor people can benefit from the green economy.”

This mirrors the World Economic Forum zero carbon neo-feudal future where the poor can sell their ability to live for “extra cash”. What is interesting is that both Rabobank and Baarsma are in the World Economic Forum.


This “carbon digital wallet” will use the Aland Index ((https://doconomy.com/transaction-impact/) to calculate your carbon footprint. “Åland Index is the world’s leading climate impact index live in 20 countries. It is a cloud-based impact as a service for CO₂e and H₂O calculations for all digital financial transactions.” It powers the calculations of the carbon footprint of the users while giving tips about living more sustainably.
Can this Aland Index (https://doconomy.com/transaction-impact/) be tweaked at any time by the technocrats for social engineering according to what they want you to do? If you want to eat meat but meat does not have a carbon score then whether you want it or not you must eat whatever they allow you to eat which according to them has a carbon score.

The Rockefeller Foundation calls this “true cost accounting” and it affords total control through this artificially imposed scoring.

Isn’t this total surveillance and socialism? Isn’t all this part of the social credit score with carbon footprints through Digital IDs and Currency? Won’t they all work in tandem in the future?

Now all this is also being implemented in the banking system too. Swedish fintech company Doconomy has launched a new credit card that monitors the carbon footprint of its customers – and cuts off their spending when they hit their carbon max.[2]It uses the Aland Index as the basis on which it calculates the carbon footprint of each purchased product.

Mastercard has also joined forces with Doconomy. In order to address climate change Doconomy and Mastercard have partnered to make DO available. DO is a free and user-friendly mobile banking solution that enables users to track understand and lower their CO2 footprints through carbon offsetting. Launching DO is a significant milestone in Mastercard’s mission to promote innovation for a sustainable future. It also establishes a new benchmark for purpose-driven payment services.

By utilizing DO Mastercard and Doconomy individuals may let their values direct their daily consumption in the direction of more environmentally friendly options. DO also makes carbon offsetting possible through UN-approved projects. The DO service includes the opportunity to invest in funds that have a positive impact on both people and the environment. In this approach the solution offers the consumer knowledge about how their consumption affects the environment together with tools for bringing about change by making sustainable decisions.[3]

This is the way they nicely put it because obviously if they don’t no one would want it.

And Mastercard is also a World Economic Forum partner: https://www.weforum.org/organizations/mastercard

The UN Executive Secretary for Climate Change Patrica Espinosa has also joined forces gushing about this idea nonstop. In a 2019 article entitled “Innovative Climate Action – New Credit Card Limits Climate Impact of Users”[4] Espinosa said:
“While countries are working to address climate change through the Paris Agreement it’s clear we need much more ambitious climate action and we need it now; but governments cannot solve climate change alone.”

She said that the UN Climate Change Secretariat is willing to collaborate with groups whose initiatives are in line with the objective of cutting global emissions in half by 2030 and then continue to drop until they approach climate neutrality by the middle of the century in order to meet the Paris Agreement’s aim and prevent an unrecoverable climate calamity.

“Many companies are already taking steps to lower their emissions and to create a more sustainable and resilient future. People are also thinking about the environment in their daily lives including making more informed decisions about what they buy. That’s why we are pleased to welcome this initiative being undertaken by Doconomy.” [The New World Order has a lot of buzz words and one of them is the word “sustainable”.]
Nathalie Green CEO of Doconomy said that the DO Black is a novel and ground-breaking tool to safeguard our world the first credit card to limit users’ climate effect and so contribute to a more sustainable future as opposed to a premium credit card with normal features that primarily stimulate greater spending:

“We all need to come to terms with the urgency of the situation and rapidly move towards more responsible consumption. With DO Black there are no more excuses. Through our collaboration with the UN Climate Change Secretariat and Mastercard DO will enable people to do their part to contribute to the carbon reduction goals of 2030 and onwards.”

Notice the side note: “Transaction denied! You’ve reached your CO2 emission limit”
It happens that both Espinosa and the UN are also part of the WEF club:


It is one big club and you aren’t in it. Can you start seeing the trend?

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