The mainstream media is attempting to normalize the adverse reactions and early deaths that the world is witnessing in people after they were coerced to take the death vax – part 2.

On 2nd February 2022 the Daily Mail reported that according to an expert “shoveling snow can be a deadly way to discover underlying cardiovascular conditions as straining the heart with physical activity could cause sudden death”.[1][thankfully in Malta we don’t have snow. So this doesn’t apply. But all those who are living abroad where it snows must stop shoveling snow].

On the same date The (British)Sunday Times reported that according to a study lonely older women are at greater risk of a heart attack[2]. [any old woman must ensure that she never feels lonely and must always be surrounded by friends and family]

On 23rdMarch 2022 The Daily Mail blamed living under a flight path as the risk for causing a heart attack.[3]The media refers to a study done by scientists in New Jersey which found that the heart attack rate was 72% higher in areas of the US state with the highest levels of noise pollution. [they could have done this study in Malta – the quiet zones in this country are becoming very rare].

On 29thMarch 2022 The Guardian reported that according to new research “men in their early 60s have a higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease on warmer than usual summer nights.”[4][because now they even blame climate change.]

July saw more types of such articles. On the 1st The Sun warned gardeners that their gardening hobby “could leave them at an increased risk of heart disease” because “medics found that pollutants in the soil could have a ‘detrimental effect on the cardiovascular system’.”[5][make sure you stop gardening and touching the soil. It would have been better had they studied the pollutants that the construction industry is leaving in our air].
On the 4th NewsPunch reported that experts have warned that “certain sleeping positions could increase risk of blood clots & heart problems.”[6]They blame an upright sleeping position. [make sure you don’t sleep upright].

On the 13th Express reported that “caffeine could lead to “sticky blood” thereby increasing your risk of a blood clot.”[7][make sure you don’t drink coffee and any caffeinated drink].

On the 22nd Express blames heart attack on showering because “according to certain experts exposure to sudden gushes of water could be dangerous for individuals with heart disease.”[8][make sure you don’t shower or if you do do not allow sudden gushes of water].
In the same month Scitechdaily and The Sun link high blood pressure and increased stroke risk to death to napping.[9][10][make sure you stop napping].
On 4thAugust 2022 the Daily Mail is at it again and this time blames the risk of a heart attack or stroke to loneliness.[11][always make sure you do not feel lonely].

We also had two media portals pointing to tv watching for blood clots and early death. One was of Medical News Today on 26thJanuary 2022 which reported the findings of a study that prolonged TV watching is linked to a greater risk in developing blood clots.[12]

And one on the 28thof July 2022 by the New York post which blames early death to falling asleep with the TV on.[13][it is more likely that watching tv especially the news and those brainwashing programmes will cause the brain to turn into a calcified dead grey matter thus making the recipients believe everything told].

On 23rdAugust 2022 The Telegraph reported that “Fumes from exhausts and harsh braking may ‘significantly increase heart attack risk’ because a new study has found close links between increases in nitric oxide a common pollutant caused by traffic and the chance of suffering an attack.[14][then in Malta considering the huge amount of traffic and cars we have on the streets on a daily basis everyone is doomed].

It is very clear that the mainstream media is attempting to “normalize” the adverse-reactions which include heart attacks strokes and blood clots together with early death which the world is and will continue to witness in people after they were coerced to take the vax.


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